Sunday, September 13

Fireplace - Making Progress

So far, so good. Things are starting to come together here. It's so motivating to see a little project start to look like something...

I still haven't glued the firebox in. I want to do the tile first.

I'm not sure if I will grout it or not. Will have to wait and see how it looks. I read somewhere that you can just sprinkle sand on the wet glue for grout? If it didn't work, I'd have to re-do the tile so I don't know if I'll try that or not. Maybe I'll do a little test on a piece of paper to see how it looks?

Of course I'll still have to make the mantel and the fireplace accessories. I'm determined not to buy anything if I can make it myself!

Onward and upward! I'm having fun! :)


DollMum said...

it is coming on well.

Deni said...

Oh that is looking good!
Puting all those bricks in one by one is quite difficult, I think it is going to turn out fantastic!