Tuesday, September 8

Dollhouse Renovation Day 5 - Painting and Repairs

The painters arrived late this afternoon to paint the living room. Two rather scruffy little guys came with ladders and buckets of yellow paint. They threw some paint on the walls, primed the trim and then headed out.

Seems like they were in a big rush - something about a frogger band that was playing down the street? They said they would be back tomorrow to finish up. They were only here for about an hour. It got too dark for me to see if they did a good job.

Before they arrived I checked out the front door. I'm going to paint that. I don't trust just anyone to do that right. I tugged on the door, lifted it up and down a bit but it wouldn't budge. I want to take it down so I can properly sand and paint it. I don't want to break it either.

Since I couldn't figure out how to get the door off the frame, I searched for a tutorial and found this video. Isn't it wonderful that you can Google anything and find what you're looking for!

The batteries in my camera are too low for me to take any photos of the work in progress but I'll post some tomorrow. I really need to see this paint job in broad daylight anyway...

Sweet Dreams,

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dora said...

Muy pedagogico el video felicidades, perfecto