Monday, September 7

Forget the Epoxy Resin - Check THIS Out!

I just found this video by Garden of Imagination on YouTube. This seems to be a much easier way to make realistic drinks for your dollhouse! I'm going to try this! You just use Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze and chalk!

Have fun and please post what you make!



The Mini - Maker said...

Kathi, I watch Angela's (GardenOfImagination) vids ALL the time! They are full of great tips and tricks!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, another easy way is to use stained glass paint. It is already colored or you can buy the clear kind. They sell it at Michael's and other craft stores. That girl really likes her coffee BLACK! LOL I think that I would have used brown chalk for that one.

kathi said...

Will the glass paint harden like the glaze? I already have some stained glass paint...
Now I just need to find/make some glasses and coffee mugs! I agree, that coffee is too black for me. I like cream in my coffee!

miniaturista said...

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