Sunday, September 13

Fireplace - Accessories

While I was waiting for the glue to dry on the tile, I made some teeny tiny fireplace accessories.

If you look closely, you can see what they are made of. It was a matter of determination over loss of patience with these little things! I would much rather be building something!

I'm going to clean them up a bit and then paint them all black. Hopefully then they will look more like the real thing? Yes, I could have just bought some accessories for my fireplace.
Maybe next time I will!

I really need to go do some laundry, run to the grocery and put gas in my car....

Hope you had as much fun today as I did!

Blessings, Kathi


Alice said...

You are being very creative! Good job! You sure are on a roll! You can get a lot done by making new stuff while the glue on other stuff dries.

BTW, I think that light weight spackle can be used to make tile grout. Smear it on, getting into the cracks, then wipe it off the surface of the tiles before it is dry. You can tint it lightly with a drop or two of paint if you don't want white grout, but don't add too much paint. Experiment on a test piece first, as you were thinking of doing. :-) I would hate for you to ruin what you have done so far!

DollMum said...

Who wants to do the laundry, groceries and car when you can spend your time improvising by trying methods and materials instead of buying the miniatures - much more fun this way.

De said...

I think it's more fun to challenge yourself to make things, too. I've made several fireplace tool sets from twisted wire, beads and buttons. Can't wait to see your finished fireplace with accessories!

Deni said...

They look fantastic!
Amazing what you can do with a few bits and pieces. Great Job!!!!

dalesdreams said...

Well, Snap! lol ;)

Excellent use of materials! :)

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Your fireplace accessories look great. It's always much more satisfying to be able to say you made something rather than bought it!
Very annoying when real life gets in the way of the mini making!

Unknown said...

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kathi said...

Thanks Martin! Couldn't find your blog but I did check out this site. Great ideas! I'm going to try to make a candle holder and/or a screen for my little fireplace!
Thanks for sharing the link with the photos!