Sunday, September 20

Why Not Just Start With Something Easy?

I got out my Polymer Clay today for the first time. I had the intention of trying to make some plates.

Instead I found a tutorial on how to make little shoes. Since I'm just a beginner, I really should have stuck with something easy! This was NOT easy!

After a few little tweaks, they will ready to go in the oven.

I really will get my laundry done today and clear out that dollhouse! Really, I will.

I even bought some bug spray so I can go outside to the laundry room and not be eaten alive. If you live in the southern USA you know what I mean!

See you soon!


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I like your little shoes. I just made some witches shoes and boots and spent 3 hours doing so. They have curled up little toes.
Your gifts for Debbie arrived a few days ago and thank you for sending and joining in. I will keep you updated on my blog when all arrive and i can send to her.
I will not say here what you have sent incase Debbie reads this but your gift is beautiful and i know she will appreciate very much.
Apologies i am letting you know here but i have got in a pickle with everyones emails and my paper with all the info has vanished.
Nikki xxx

Katie said...

Don't give up on the's very easy once you get the hang of it. May I suggest trying to check out some books from your libray on polymer clay.....You never know where it will lead you:)

I live in VA....And I know all about BUGS! LOL!! They're awful here, too!!


Deni said...

The little shoes look really cute mmmm i must try making shoes with polymer clay
I wonder have you checked out the tutorials on amazing Im looking at how to make teapots...just looking mind! I'm not sure if my fingers work with such small pieces of clay!
I'm having Fun lloking though thats the main thing..right? lol