Wednesday, September 16


I decided this evening that I would get out my Crayola watercolor paints and try to see if I could make a miniature painting or two for my dollhouse.

I am NOT an artist and really have never done watercolors before except to fool around with them at the beach. I always take my art supplies to the beach!

I cut out a pattern, then traced sixteen little rectangles on a sheet of watercolor paper so I would have lots of canvasses to paint!

Then I got some water, my brushes and this cute little mixing dish that my mother had...

I washed some color on and let it do its thing. With watercolors you really never know how the colors will blend. Unless you know what you are doing, which I do not!

This one I hope will soon look like a hibiscus flower.

A sunset perhaps? You really need to have an imagination here!

This one needs more detail.

This is an attempt at sand dunes...

I really wish my mother was still here and could tell me what to do next! She and my Aunt Adelaide are REAL artists! I have several of their paintings in my home and love each one.

I'm letting my little paintings dry overnight and will try to figure out how to finish them later.

I might try to do some pastels or acrylics later? I still have 11 more little "canvasses" to do!

Hope you have a nice evening!


Jill said...

I've always wanted to learn how to watercolor. You've inspired me to just jump in! I love the palm trees and the sand dunes!

Mirja said...

Hi Kathi! Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments:))))
Your beach-house project is so inspiring!Looking good!!
I love watercolors... Painting with those are full of surprises..sometimes I think they have their very own mind and will ;D

Deni said...

Oh I think thats is looking good! luv those palm trees!
I think you will be great at these little paintings

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I've always wanted to paint. I buy the supplies and then think what I might create would be complete trash material. Guess I should worry about that and just go for it. I love all the colors in the little tray.

Lotte said...

Hi Kathi!

Your paintings are very lovely! :)

Thanks also for your nice comment in my blog. I answered for your question in my blog too but stil the same here... My friend Wooper had some time ago an accident with her lovely mini dishes so now we had a lot of materials for our mosaic works ;)

Jo Raines said...

Nice watercolor paintings. I find watercolor to be much more difficult than oils and acrlics--it requires an entirely different approach but the results can be so beautiful. I follow a miniature watercolorist on my blog and her work is stunning. I am currently sticking with acrylics as the drying time is much faster and now that I have discovered canvas paper, the colors are much richer and more vibrant and more like the results you get with oils. I am going to try to list two new acrylic paintings in my Etsy shop this a.m..

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Drawn to The Sea said...

Hi Kathi,
When I play with paints (or paper & glue, or whatever) I often get inspired & jump from project to project. Having the little minis to jump around on is a brilliant idea.

The little beach house is adorable!