Friday, November 19


I have been attacked by Trojans! Nasty, nasty ones too. Don't worry though, I have my swashbuckling compter brain son sorting them all OUT OUT OUT!

I promise to do the drawing for my give-a-way tomorrow. I just might not be able to let you know who wins until later?

If you haven't entered to win, you have until tomorrow at 12 noon CST USA. Good luck! I can't wait to see who Toby picks as the winner! :D

I will introduce you to Toby later too.

Hope you have a nice, SAFE evening.

Update! It's SO nice to have a son in the computer business! Thank you Brian!!!!
I'm Baaaaaack! :D

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Norma Bennett said...

Damn nasty beasts they can be too! I'm also blessed with an IT professional in the family, a house call usually 'costs' me an extra place at the dinner table but that's a small price to pay I'm sure you will agree :)

BTW - good luck in my blog giveaway!