Monday, November 8

Chairs for the Garden

Minnie came outside this morning to show you the little chairs I made for her garden.

I used a hole punch for the seats, part of a wooden fan (Thanks Casey for the idea!) and wire for the legs. They are not quite 1/2 inch tall and that's a bit too big!

Thanks for your suggestions about the slate stone sidewalk. I'll do that after I finish the landscaping.

Here's an aerial view so you can see the scale of this project. Teeny tiny!

PS. I have 558 hole punch reinforcements left if anyone needs ONE?

Hope you have fun making minis today! :D


Cheryl said...

It is a very sweet little cottage Kathy. Great job. You have a lot of patience.

Marisa said...

she looks like she is very happy with her lawn furniture.

Unknown said...

Unas sillas preciosas. Será la casa más bonita del barrio.
Besos Clara

Lucille said...

I never realized the chair was so small until you mentioned half an inch. I don't know how you managed to do it. You have a lot of patience. I love that little doll. It's adorable!


Mini Me said...

Really cute!!

Kathi said...

Thanks everyone for your kind and encouraging comments! I started this little house way back in September and I'm starting to see the finish line now. It has been my most challenging project ever and has been the most fun too. It really does take a lot of patience and a very steady hand. Not to mention a good pair of glasses! :D

PAKY said...

thank you very much for your comment Kathi, your little house are so lovely and cute, congratulations! hugs