Sunday, November 14

But You Promised!

Minnie is starting to sound a little bit like Tessie. The first thing I heard this morning was, "but you promised to show pictures of me and Mike too!"

She kept going on about how many pictures I've posted of her house and how few I've done of her. Then she told me that I had forgotten to put the gazing ball in the front yard too. She got Mike out there right away to do that. Guess she figured I was never going to get around to it?

When that was done, Minnie started whining. "You forgot to make my rug. You promised me a rug for the living room."

So, to try to keep the peace and fulfill my promise, I started working on Minnie's rug this morning.

It will be 1/2 inch square and fit nicely in front of the sofa. I'm using part of a pattern from this counted cross stitch book. 101 Tiny Houses by Linda Gillum. I love this book! It is filled with adorable little houses to stitch.

If I can get the needle threaded again, I'll get back to work. Hope you have a nice day!


Oese said...

your tiny house is so sweet and so will be your rug. I love to stitch too. did you know that it is very good for the two parts of the brain? I heard of it.
have a nice day too.

Ascension said...

Seguro que la mini-alfombrita de Minnie quedara preciosa.
Yo seria incapaz de coser esa alfombra, primero por el tamaño y segundo porque no soy nada efi caz con la aguja (en realidad, no se jejejeje)
Muchas gracias por el enlace.
Feliz domingo
besitos ascension

Lucille said...

Those little dolls are too cute! They always make me smile!

Rosa-kreattiva said...

incredibile pensare che riuscirai a creare un tappeto così piccolo sono senza parole....

Norma said...

Heaven help you if you've created another "Tessie"! ;) But I can see how that cute little smile will be hard to resist...