Saturday, November 6

Only One

I only need ONE of these little things. Do you think I can find one anywhere in my house or my daughter's house? NO.

Guess I'll have to go to Office Depot tomorrow and buy a pack of 200! I really just need ONE.

Something must be done about this stained glass window. I'm just about finished with this little house. I have just a few more things to do. :D

I did finish my Christmas ornament for Sherry and put it in the mail. I'll show you some photos after she receives it. It was really fun to make and I learned some new techniques too.

I received my big box of half scale furniture from Gina today. Oh my goodness! So many little treasures! I'm not sure I can wait until next Christmas to get a house for these things? I think I like half scale minis almost as much as the "big" and "tiny" ones!

Hope you had a beautiful day!

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Debbie said...

You can bet your life that as soon as you buy a pack. One will turn up in the