Monday, November 29

Back to the Beach

Now that I had some rest and time to think about what to do next, I've decided to get back to work on my beach house.

The living room stairs have looked like this too long! Here are some projects that need to be finished.

I learned a lot while working on my teeny tiny house. My eyes have become more in tune to detail. I can see lots of things that need attention.

I'm going to add trim to the stairs and maybe a shelf on the bench wall? The plain white wall needs some art or a mirror? It will face the front door.

I may try to build a half round table to go there too? LOVE this one found at Coco Cozy!

I haven't really started on the kitchen. I bought the appliances on Ebay and am not sure I like them. I'm playing with ideas for the floor...

It's nice to be back to working in 1:12 scale again. :D

Hope your day is filled with inspiration and lovely little things!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, I am glad that you decided to choose the beach house. It is one of my favorite projects.

Woolytales Miniatures said...

How fun to do a beach house!!!! I bet you will enjoy finding little things to go along....have fun!!! i will be watching!!smiles,Pat

Unknown said...

La escalera quedará perfecta con estos últimos retoques.
La mesa de Coco muy buena idea para copiar.
Los suelos muy dificil elegir, todos muy adecuados para la playa.
Me alegro que vuelvas a trabajar en esta casa.
Besos Clara

Lataina said...

I'm with Casey on this one. I was wondering when you would get back to it. =) You have done so many creative things to it already, I am anxious to see more. =D

Lucille said...

I'm for the beach house also. I can't wait to see what next you will do to it.

De said...

I love your beach house and I'm so glad you're going back to it. :) Regarding the appliances, I've turned some inexpensive purchased ones into "stainless steel" with black and silver paint and my own additions like handles, knobs, etc. The ones you have have lots of possibilities, I think.

Ascension said...

Un genial idea, seguir con el proyecto de tu casita de la playa (te ayudara a pensar en el buen tiempo jejejeje)
La mesita es una buena idea, te quedaria genial.
besitos ascension