Monday, March 14

Cutting Holes

I've started hacking away at the garage to make the window openings. MDF is really hard to cut! I used my jig saw but had trouble doing the corners. The dormer does fit and with some interior trim I think it will look okay?

The first window looks alright. The second one is a real mess. That's all I could do with my jig saw and hand saw.

I need to go get a diamond cutting wheel for my dremel to finish this. Karin Corbin used one in her tutorial for cutting window openings. She makes this look easy, but it's NOT!

I guess priming everything will be the next step? I'm also looking for some wallpaper for the attic. I want to finish the interior walls before I do the outside.

I may try to make concrete block walls for inside of the garage? I sprayed some cardstock with textured paint but it's not the right color. Once I get that figured out, I'll cut the blocks and start gluing them on like tiles.

Photo found on Flicker

I love daylight savings time. More light in the evenings for minis!


Ana said...

Oh¡¡¡un trabajo perfecto¡¡¡es muy real.Felicidades

jose said...

perfecto me encanta visitar tu blogs porque es fantastico los trabajos que haces