Sunday, March 20

More Work

I learned something yesterday while priming the garage. I brushed the primer on the interior walls but I spray primed the windows and exterior walls. Bad idea.

What I ended up with, using the spray primer, was FUZZ! The spray lifted the fibers in the MDF and made a real mess. I'm going to have to do a lot of careful sanding to correct this problem before I can paint the exterior.

I did go to the paint store yesterday. I got two custom color samples for the downstairs walls. I also picked up this handy little paint roller and tray. Cute, cute and very helpful!

I started out with light gray walls. The textured ceiling will be the same color.

I let that dry overnight. This morning I used painter's tape to make a line for navy blue at the bottom. This is going to be a Navy man's garage, you know. :D

I've never tried painting stripes before. I hope the tape comes off nicely?

I still like the speckled floor I made, but I don't like the cardboard I used. I'm planning to re-do that today.

I also started laying out wood for the attic floor. I really just wanted to see if I had enough skinny sticks. I do. I sure wish my Easy Cutter wasn't all in pieces! I still can't seem to get the new blade installed. So frustrating!

I am considering putting LED lights in the garage. I've been chatting with Evans Designs about what kind of lights and how many I'll need. They are SO helpful! They will even custom make the wires to the length you need.

I may try to make my own light fixtures? I'm sure that will add another month to this project!

Thanks for following along on my first build! I really appreciate your comments and suggestions!


dalesdreams said...

Sorry about it raising the fibers. Would not have thought about that.

The only thing I can add is in regards to the stripes. If you burnish the edges of the tape, you should get a nice crisp line.

Tabitha Corsica said...

Evans Designs has the nicest people working for them, don't they? Very helpful.

Sorry to hear about your spray primer experience. I haven't had that with the clear acrylic sealer I used and can't think of what to tell you to prevent it.

One of the things I've learned about using painter's tape in Real Life is that the sooner you peel it off the better. Once the paint is really dry, peeling the tape sometimes also peels the paint off. In other words, it doesn't always remove cleanly, especially if there is a lot of "over-paint" onto the tape.

Looks good so far!

Kathi said...

Thanks for your quick comments! I'm going to pull the tape off NOW. I just applied the third and final coat of the blue about 15 minutes ago. Hope I'm not too late. :D

Garden said...

Hi Kathi ... try painting the bare MDF with a 50:50 mix of PVA and water and let it dry the fibers will lift partially but use a bit of wire wool easier than sanding to knock the burrs off then prime .. failing that skim with wall tile adhesive easy to sand and also gives a good primer coat .. :)

Lucille said...

Sorry you had problems with the outcome of the spray paint, Kathi. I like how your floor turned out. I'm with Tabitha on removing the tapes quickly. I've painted so many houses in Real Life, and everything I learned was from Debbie Travis and that's what she taught us to do. I am enjoying your garage-building process.

jose said...

fantastic there is marvellous everything what you do