Monday, March 21

Painting and Planning

Thanks to Gina at More Minis, I found a solution for my fuzzy walls in her tips for dollhouse assembly. Gina suggested "sanding" the MDF siding with a brown paper bag.

I was very doubtful, but it worked! It removed most of the roughness on the siding so I could paint. Thank you Gina!

I received my wallpaper from Itsy Bitsy Minis on Saturday. Love their quick shipping! I think it will look great in the attic.

I'll need to prop the building up again so I can see how to install the wallpaper. I'm planning to add a cutting table and some storage around the attic dormer. More math. More wood to cut.

No laundry was done this weekend. I know you will understand. ;D

Hope you have a lovely day!


Marisa said...

that's a wonderful tip thanks for sharing it!

onbeingaminimum said...

Laundry?! It will still be there tomorrow, having fun is much nicer especially when the postman brings goodies.