Saturday, March 19

Real Houseworks

I set up a table outside this morning with my real saw horses. I actually removed a door from its hinges to make the table. Don't tell my landlady!

I'm priming some of the pieces of the garage. These are just the walls and windows.

I'm using a spray primer for the windows. The walls are painted with a brush.

While these pieces are drying, I thought I would run in and do a quick post. I need to go back out and sand everything again.

I found a can of red paint for the exterior in my storage room. :D I had used it to paint the front door of the house I used to live in. Now I don't even have to go to the store today!

Better get back to work. Hope you have a good day!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, are you trying to tell us that you are coming unhinged?LOL I promise not to tell your landlady. Let's just hope that she doesn't drop by whilst you are doing this....Good Luck! What you are doing so far looks really good!

Garden said...

Hi Kathi ... Is rain forecast ? Don't worry about the door that's what I use all the time good idea .. mind you are a lot tidier worker than me .. Good Luck

dalesdreams said...

It's looking good! :)

and I am so telling the landlord. (giggles)

Kathi said...

Thanks everyone! There is NO rain in the forecast. Just a nice warm, sunny day. :D
BTW, I had to move outside because there is no flat surface inside! Maybe I should post a photo of my kitchen? NOT so tidy!