Friday, March 25

NOT So Easy!

I've been trying to put a new blade in my much loved and well used Easy Cutter. If you don't have one of these tools you need to get one.

This morning I got out an arsenal of tools and tried again to put in the new blade. I followed Gina's tutorial to take it apart. I just can't seem to get it back together.

The new blade just won't go in! I NEED this tool to cut trim for my new garage windows.

I emailed MicroMark and they suggested that I sent it back to them. They will either fix it or send me a new one. That's great, but I want to use it NOW!

I'm beginning to sound like Tessie. I want it fixed and I want it fixed NOW!!!!


Unknown said...

La mia fallaba la cuchilla y la lleve a un afilador de cuchillos y me la dejo nueva... espero que no tenga que sustituirla...


otterine said...

I replaced my blade once, and I couldn't get the nut put back on the bolt on properly. It works, but the nut falls off every fifteen cuts or so. Hahaha. Good luck!

Norma Bennett said...

Oh dear Kathi, frustraing indeed!! Maybe you should find another diversionary project to work on for a bit and return the Easy Cutter to the manufacturers as they suggest. That's pretty awesome after sales service isn't it! I'm impressed.

And, yes, I think maybe Tessie has put a spell on you because your 'demands' have Tessie stamped all over them ;)

Kathi said...

The bolt thingy IS the problem. I did get the tool put back together this morning. It doesn't cut as well as it did before. I have one little piece that I couldn't get back in. Maybe that's why? :(