Thursday, March 31

Space Planning

This is an idea I came up with for the back wall of the garage. I want to hide the ladder and make a place for the hot water heater. Sadly, this won't work.

The entrance door on the left opens into the garage. It would bump into the washer. Even if I flip the ceiling there won't be room for the door to open.

Oh well. It seemed like a good idea. Guess I'll have to keep thinking about this. Maybe I'll switch the side walls? That way the door will be more to the front of the garage. Not sure that will work either?


otterine said...

You can switch the opening direction of the door:

Or, you could install it on the inside so it opens out. You'd then have to make new exterior trim.

Kathi said...

Great solution Brae! I read your post. I wonder why there were no comments? Maybe you wrote that just for me? :D
Your tutorial is so good. Maybe I can do this?

De said...

I was thinking the same thing about changing the direction the door opens. I also think that switching the walls so that the door is nearer the front would work. I love the steps/water heater area!

dalesdreams said...

I'm loving the water heater and the laundry facilities. So realistic!

Good luck changing the door swing, I think that is a good idea. :)

Poppypatchwork said...

I like the idea the washing machine is behind the door, often in the basements we cram things in, so for me the door knocking the machine is not an issue