Monday, March 7

A Second Look

Did you ever make something, take a good close look at it, and then start over? Well, that's what I did with some things I made for Kat's room box.

I went over to visit Kat. I saw what she was stitching for her nursery room box and realized the diaper stacker I was making was all wrong.

Thankfully, I had an old pillow case that turned out to be the perfect shade of green. I didn't like the black knobs on the bench so I changed them. The panda looked too mean so I made him happy.

NOW I'm finished. If you don't count the half dozen more diapers I need to make. Oh, and the little sticks of bamboo for the pandas to eat. Can't have hungry pandas!

It's really cold again here this morning! Will spring EVER come?


Katie said...

The diaper stacker turned out really well! :)

I'm ready for spring, too!!

MiniKat said...

Kathi you amaze me. The diaper stacker is adorable! The bench is still darling. I do like the white knobs. Thank you so much. :-)

Lucille said...

Kathi, the little diaper stacker is so darling! I just love it. Sheer genius! Also, I love those white pearly little knobs.

dalesdreams said...

This is so sweet and I adore the diaper stacker! :)