Saturday, March 12

The End of the Day

It is evening of the day. As I look back upon the hours just passed, I'm wondering where the day went?

I had big plans for today. Not much was accomplished. A few things were started. Many more just moved around or set aside. I tried to nap, but couldn't sleep. I started to sew but didn't finish. I began sweeping but still have little piles of dust and debris sitting here and there.

I thought about working on the garage and even cleared off the dining room table. I was going to take measurements for windows that need to be cut. I didn't take those measurements. I didn't cut the holes.

I think about the people of Japan and I am so very sad. I wonder about the chaos in this world and I pray. I am reminded of the brevity of life and how precious each and every moment is.

I see some lights now at the bottom of the hill behind me. If I look farther toward the horizon I can see cars moving along the interstate highway in the distance. I wonder where those people are going? Who lives in the houses down the hill?

Today was a quiet day of reflection and contemplation for me. I hope you had a good day too.


Lucille said...

It is a terrible tragedy, Kathi. I share your feelings. I think about those people also and how quickly and tragically their lives have been changed. All that devastation. It must so horrible! So very, very sad.

Kim said...

I've also been thinking of Japan a lot. It's so hard to watch the footage- and even worse to me is the fact that we're so overstimulated in the media that in some cases people look at those images and don't even really think of all the lives lost, the families destroyed, the struggle of those still left alive to pick up the pieces. I pray for all of them and for anyone with friends and family over there that don't know where their loved ones are. It is truly heartbreaking.