Wednesday, March 23

Little Lantern

I thought I would try to make a little lantern for the outside of the garage. I'm waiting for my LED lights from Evans Designs.

I used parts of a wooden fan I got at WalMart. Casey found them first. Lots of possibilities with these!

Just checking for size here. I may change the top? We'll see when I get the lights. I'm planning to make four of these.

I have an idea for a shop light too. That is still more in my head than put together!

Hope you have a bright, bright sunshiny day!


Caseymini said...

Another great use for our fans, Kathi! Those are going to be wonderful.

otterine said...

Excellent work so far! I picked up a fan like that sometime last year but haven't done anything with it yet.

Lady Jane said...

Endless possibilities... Thanks for the tip.

onbeingaminimum said...

The fan looks loaded with possibilities, I can't go shopping now without looking for mini uses of everything!

Anonymous said...

I picked up a fan too after I saw Casey use one. I love the light, I may have to try that.