Thursday, March 10

Old Navy

Grandpa really wants something to wear. He almost lost his head (literally) trying to squeeze into his old Navy t-shirt.

I do like how the front turned out. I cut the letters out of an iron-on patch and then just ironed them on. As for the rest of it? It's back to the sewing machine. At least the pants fit!

It's not easy making these little clothes! Hopefully, Grandpa will have at least one new outfit soon?

Hope you have a lovely day!


Katie said...

my bf just walked by and said 'what in the world are you looking at', lmao! Poor Grandpa! Well, at least he's not naked!

Lucille said...

You did a great job with this suit. I love the letters. Must have been really hard to do. Small things like this are so time-consuming to make.

Maria said...

That's a real sporty grandpa, i love the letters on his shirt and the stripes, must be very difficult to make.
I am having a give-away soon.