Tuesday, March 13

One Little Chair

Here is one little chair I finished for the coffee shop. It is 2 inches tall.

Daylight savings time is cutting into my time in the mornings to make minis! Guess I will need to start getting up even earlier!

Gotta go to work now.... Hope you have a good day!


Fabiola said...

This chair is fantastic.
Bye Faby

Lucille said...

So very well made!

Troy said...

I am with you on daylight savings time. The chair looks great!

carmen said...

es fantástica!

De said...

Love the chair, Kathi!

A. Wright said...

It is very cool, well done.

Marisa said...

it's so cute, I have an idea about the loft..how about turning it into storage for the coffee shop (if this were holland I'd say put some marijuana plants up there but since this is america some boxes and bags of coffee beans would probably be better)

Marisa :)

Giac said...

The chair is VERY well done! I'm impressed!
Don't talk to me about daylight saving time...I want that hour of sleep back!
All the best,

Ascension said...

Una silla muy original y fantastica.
besitos ascension

Cote said...

Muy original, está genial!!

Ludmila said...

A good chair! And the original.

Lovejoy Bears said...

Hi Kathi,
Your chair is amazing!! Very inventive :0) and your coffee shop is looking wonderful!!
vicky xxx

Lainie said...

It's beautiful, Kathi! I haven't been making minis in a while, but my boys finally found a house so I'm going to get my own mini making room soon!

Sandra said...

Kathi, the chair is super -lovely design and beautifully executed. You must have great patience. By the time you do all you need, with your usual perfectionist standards, you will need it :)! Actually I don't mind daylight saving time, it means that there is more chance to enjoy the evenings, and the mornings are still cool and nice. Here in Australia that is good. Sandie