Saturday, March 10

Coffee Anyone?

The more I thought about the theater, the more I realized that it just can't be done with this little house kit. I would have to make it in 1:144 scale to have it look right!

I may do that someday? For now, the "theater," aka "funeral home", aka "wedding planner's office" has decided to be a coffee shop!

It will still have a small stage for open mic night and/or Improv. There will be more seating and an outdoor dining area. I haven't decided what to do with the loft area...

I've been to some really cool coffee shops. There are several here in Birmingham that I love to visit. There are now more ideas swimming around in my head! LOL

Crestwood Coffee Company above. Lucy's Coffee and Tea below. Two of my favorites!

Tonight I will be going to see an Improv show at the Virginia Samford Theater downtown. I will take my camera for sure!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Do something that will put a smile on your face! :D


Linda said...

I think a coffee shop is a great idea for that kit! And now you inspired me to go visit my favorite coffee shop in Delmar today...hmmm. :) Can't wait to see your progress!

Caseymini said...

Great ideas, Kathi! Your blog is playing one of my favorite themes from the Korean TV shows that I watch on Netflix.LOL I know it's Kenny G., but it is very popular in Korea.

In case you still want to do curtains, I am doing a pin board tutorial today. Please come see.

Gemma said...

Me parece muy buena idea.
Un beso

dale's dreams said...

A coffee shop is a great idea. How about if the loft was the office?

Fabiola said...

It's a beautiful idea.
Bye Faby

Mary said...

You have so many great ideas, I can't wait to see what you end up doing. You've got me thinking of ideas for future projects but first I need to get going on Jaynie's Loft.