Thursday, March 29

Room to Work

Yesterday I brought my saw horses in from the shed and set up a table so I would have room to work on the coffee shop. I need a BIG place to spread things out!

I started laying out the design for the clerestory windows. There is a still a lot of planning, measuring and cutting to do! I'm just getting started.

Thanks to everyone who has entered my give-a-way! There are so many! I can't wait to see who wins! I will draw the winning name on Sunday morning. Click here to enter. :D

Hope you have a great day!


Troy said...

Looks like you are getting serious. I acquired a couple of old computer desks that we were getting rid of at work. Now my miniature room is feeling kind of cramped. I may need to display some of my houses and projects around the house and just use the miniature room more as a work shop. ( I may get more done that way) The clear story windows on your project are going to look great!

Jennifer Berkeley said...

Being able to spread my things out to work got me working a lot- but also got me in a big mess- which I have now dug myself out of - and intend to keep that way! This table is a great idea and looks just like a more expensive "boughten" table. Does anyone say that anymore!

Kathi said...

Jennifer honey, you would NOT believe the things they say here in Alabama! LOL