Thursday, March 22

Fabrics and a Dream

I started out this morning at Completely Coastal, browsed through Maya's lastest posts and somehow ended up at Spoonflower Fabrics. I had not seen this site before. It is wonderful! Especially for all of you "mini modern" lovers. They also have a blog.

I am feeling much better today. :D I had a wonderful (fever-induced?) dream today. I was laying on the soft sand under the sea looking up at the surface of the water with the sunlight pouring in. Have you ever done that? I mean, been under water and looked up at the surface? It is the most amazing view you will ever see!

In my dream I could breathe under the water. I stayed there a long, long time and just watched the clouds and fish float by. I found beautiful things down there too. Sterling silver forks, irridescent flowers, a brightly colored living, breathing coral reef with little seahorses swimming along...

I really didn't want to wake up! Maybe I should take an underwater photography class or scuba lessons? Maybe I'm VERY homesick for the beach? Maybe I'm just delirious, who knows, but it was a great dream!

Hope you enjoy visiting Spoonflower and may all of YOUR dreams come true!

Photo above taken at Blue Springs Park, Orange City FL


Lucille said...

Your dream sounds wonderful, Kathi! But, I could never lie underwater like that because I have a fear of the water. However, I can still appreciate the beauty of the sea but from far away!

Troy said...

sounds like the meds are working!

Ilona said...

Nice dream, Kathi! The sea is beautiful, I was born at the seaside, but lives far away from it. It is a pity. Your meds are working well, I think?
All the best. Hugs, Ilona

Craftland said...

Wonderful dream. So much things do you had found, now you are rich ;)

Hugs from Crafland

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I actually have done that! And what a great wonderful dream. One thing it shows is that "under the surface" lies so much beauty. And thanks so much for the mention! Spoonflower is awesome. So many creative designs to find.... and it's easy to create your own too.