Saturday, March 17


I will probably be disqualified from the Creatin' Contest. I have decided to use the loft kit as a "pattern" for a new build! This morning I'm working on the roof.

I found this kitchen back splash at Home Depot. I like the wavy pattern and I love the brushed nickle finish! It is black on the under side. Perfect.

Here is how it looks with the skylights cut out.

Next I will cut new walls from foam core. I plan to add more windows upstairs and down. The loft area will stay, but I'm planning to extend it out from the house. I want to make an outdoor seating area with a garden below.

When I'm finished I will still have the original kit! :D

Thanks for following along as I keep changing my mind about things! Hope you have a great day!


Fabiola said...

Beautiful project.
Bye Faby

Ascension said...

Es un precioso proyecto, seguro que te queda genial!!!
besitos ascension

Caseymini said...

Looking good so far, kathi! I can't wait to see what you do with the non-kit! I love the roof!

Norma said...

Have you considered the copyright issues of using the kit as a 'pattern'?? Just a thought...

Sandra from Sydney said...

Your ideas are so creative - I have been concentrating on quarter scale but your wonderful ideas for this loft actually got me inspired to try this project. Hugs, Sandie