Sunday, March 25

Raising the Roof

Instead of using the interior loft that came with the kit I've decided to add a second floor apartment above the coffee shop. The entrance is on the right.

I will be using the deck from the garage as a pattern for an outside staircase. Sometimes it pays not to finish projects. :D Especially if you decide to use parts of them for something else!

I cut another corner window downstairs in the coffee shop. The floor/ceiling is just taped up for now. I will need to figure out how to run the lights before I finish that. It's not level now but it will be. I hope...

This is another view with the second floor addition. Here the back wall is 6" tall. I came up with an idea to remedy that.

I plan to raise the roof 3" at the back to match the front of the shop, making it level. I can't have my apartment dweller bumping her head on the ceiling! I think adding clerestory windows to the sides and back wall will take care of that?

This is how the front corner will look. I will frame out the corner windows. This side is made using the WalMart foam core. See the ripples? I need to cut a new wall with the "good stuff."

Pay no attention to the piles of fabric behind this. When you are on a roll, you don't stop and take time to clean up! LOL

As you see, I've created at LOT more work for myself! I think it will look great, if I can do it?

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Lucille said...

I hope you can do it because it sounds like something really original! And, it's nice of you to care about the future tenant's head!

Elga said...

I really like your window idea, that will add a special touch and we can't have people with headaches because of bumping low ceilings.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I have complete and utter faith in your ability to do what you say you are going to do. I have seen your determination in other projects! Can't wait to see this one! Go for it!!!!!

Troy said...

You may need to consult a structural engineer! :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh oh ohhhh my gooooodnesssss! You are building something completely from scratch???!!! Whoa! You keep on bowling me over. Give a girl a chance to stand up, why dontcha! So, so, sooo impressive. And the technique for the stucco is genius!

Glad you've recovered from a cold. I'm in the middle of one. Otherwise, I'd send you some tissues. :)

Mini Dork said...

Love the design, can't wait to see more. Good luck and good job! :D