Saturday, March 3

If Only You Try

Casey had much better luck with her faux enameled leaves than I'm having! Maybe it's because she is ambidextrous? :D

CVS pharmacy had a buy one get one free sale on Revlon nail polish. I found some "Spanish Moss" green and "Calla Lily" white.

We both followed the video tutorial by Stacy Hofman at Creating Dollhouse Miniatures. I love this blog. There is always something new to inspire you!

I would rather have a more transparent look on my leaves. Here I used Americana Triple Thick glaze. This might work?

I really need more practice. Especially if I'm going to to make a tree!?

I love Dr. Seuss and yesterday was his birthday. This is one of my favorite quotes. :D

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Mary said...

I want to try making some of these flowers, I found green nail polish at $Tree. Now I just need to find my wire. Yours are looking very nice, it will get easier with practice.