Sunday, March 11

Decisions, Decisions - Update!

I went fabric shopping at today. They allow you to save your choices on a design board for later. I'm trying to decide what fabrics to use in the coffee shop?

I like the first one for the wall behind the counter. The next two might make nice drapes? The others may work for furniture, pillows or rugs? There are just too many patterns. I want them all! :D

It's really hard for me to wrap my head around these earthy colors. I do like them. I want to get my fabric before I buy paint etc. Which ones do you like?

I'm working on a chair right now. Here is my inspiration. I'm sorry, but I can't remember where I found this photo.

Here is my attempt at making a pattern for these chairs. I may try using colored fun foam with a wooden or wire frame? I've got more cutting to do...

Speaking of chairs. How about these beauties?!!!

Update: I just placed my fabric order. Thought you might like to see what I decided on. I had to add the pretty turquoise fabric! You know I couldn't have a dollhouse that didn't have some blue in it somewhere! LOL

I already have some golden fabric in my stash. Now I'm off to look at paint samples!

Sweet dreams!


Lucille said...

Picking fabric is such a personal thing. I really would not know what to recommend! Just wait for the inspiration to hit you and then go for it!

Jazzi said...

Clever girl with the chair pattern! Love the modern tub chair you found too. I liked the turqoise you chose.
Have a great mini week...hugz Jazzi

Petra said...

I'm really looking forward to your project - seems to be fun. The white chairs are incredible. I had it once in my make to make such chairs, and now you do it. very nice! I hope you don't mind when I make a copy for me :-)
Good luck and a lot of fun with your coffee shop (and by the way: I would have love to see a theatre too).
Greetings from Germany

otterine said...

Excellent fabric choices, and I love both sets of chairs!

Cote said...

Las telas son muy bonitas!! La silla está genial!!

Sandra said...

Love the combination, glad you are including the blue and the gold.