Tuesday, March 27

Thanks GOOGLE!

Troy mentioned the other day that I might need to consult a structural engineer to build my clerestory windows. This morning I opened Google to search for help. This is today's photo!

Google is featuring Ludwig Mies Van Derh Rohe to celebrate the 126th anniversary of his birth. The Washington Post has an article about "Mies" also.

While searching I found this architectural design photo of his Farnsworth house.

Did you know that the Brinca Dada Emerson Dollhouse was inspired by Mies designs?

Even LEGO recreated one of his houses!:D

Not only am I inspired, I am now more informed!

This image from Treehugger.com will help me construct my windows!

Hope you enjoy celebrating the wonderful designs of this great modern architect. Happy Birthday Mr. Mies!


Sandra from Sydney said...

Wow! This projects gets more and more interesting - can't wait to see how it develops.

Troy said...

Great post! Of course I was joking about you needing a structural engineer. I was pleasantly surprised to see Google this morning and showed my kids. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Ilona said...

Oh Kathi, thank you for this psot. I like the modern houses of Mies van der Rohe too! I am following your progress, can not wait how it develops. Hugs, Ilona

studioseven said...

Wow, thanks Kathi now I'm more informed too. I like all the lil' houses but especially the Lego one.

Kikka said...

Wow...thank you for sharing! Love this modern design! Happy birthday Mies van der Rohe :)