Thursday, March 15

Foggy Morning Photos

I took these photos yesterday morning from the deck that is just off my craft room. My rental house sits on the top of a hill. There are no neighbors behind me.

I have a lovely view that changes with the seasons. Within just a few minutes, as the sun was coming up, the trees started coming to life.

I love waking up with the birds and listening to them greet the day. It is so peaceful on mornings like this. I am definitely a morning person! :D

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Vall said...

Lovely! Have a nice day!

Lucille said...

I wish I could be a morning person! Why can't I be a morning person?!! Boohoohoo!!! No, seriously, I really do wish I could be. I used to be but as I get older, it seems harder to drag myself out of bed in the morning. It might be possible if I had a huge picture window in front of my bed! Maybe if I bought lottery tickets?

Sandra said...

What a beautiful view - and lucky you to have no neighbours overlooking you! I am in the middle of busy suburbia, on a small block. My studio when built will be small but under our jacaranda tree, with Australian native plants screening it from the nosey neighbours behind! Shame we won't have any backyard left but I need the workspace:)