Monday, March 5

Question of the Day

Did you ever see something in real life and try to make it in miniature? Of course you have!

When I didn't turn out the way you wanted, did you post about it anyway?

I think I might be the only one around here who does that! lol

Here's to successful projects with perfect resuts! Here! Here?!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, I do it all the time....Remember the lambrequin from a couple of days ago? It is no longer with us.Replaced today. Will you be insulted if I ask what the object in the picture is trying to be when it grows up?LOL My best guess is a bench of some kind. Am I close?

Caseymini said...

I went to the website and could see nothing on that page with square metal ends...Did they change the slide show?

Maria said...

Yes i did that, i posted about my tiles in the bedroom of my big house and i didn't liked the result. I shared it anyway to tell i don't like the result, just to let all of you know who want to try that kind of tiles.
I can not see what the metal object is going to be too.

Maria said...

Kati, i looked at the webside of your link and i think you make a bed, is that true? Is it a modern headboard?

Kathi said...

Thanks for your support Casey and Maria!
I am trying to make my first piece of Modern furniture! LOL Yes, it is going to be a bench. I hope! :D

Troy said...

I am glad Casey asked first. It does look like it will be a pretty cool bench.

Jean Tuthill said...

Yes, it happens to me a lot...just keep trying!

A. Wright said...

Have you never run across It's good to know you're in good company sometimes and that is the place to see some pretty epic failures in execution.

I suppose I don't post many of my mistakes unless I think someone can learn from it. There have been a few things that went up that I felt could be improved upon greatly, but first tries are for learning right?!

Unknown said...

I love seeing your mistakes. Your mistakes would be my masterpieces!