Wednesday, March 14

Wall Art?

I want to try something different on the exterior walls of my coffee shop. I've thought about bricks and I've thought about siding. I've thought about stucco and I've thought about paint.

I think this image by Steven Meyers is inspiring. It is done by exposing plants or flowers to xray. Beautiful isn't it? I wonder what else I could xray? :D

I've always wanted to try doing sun prints. Check this out at How About Orange. There are lots of interesting things blooming right now! I can see reflections of other buildings, lamp posts, parking meters, shadows of cars...

I found the amazing project below by Green Works at It is done by cleaning off a dirty wall to make designs. Not sure how I would accomplish this, but I like it. So much better than graffiti painted on!

I've thought about the old tin dollhouses and how they were painted. In fact, I've thought of so many things that my head is spinning! I need to settle down and get back to work!!!

Hope you have a great day! I'm tired already!


Vall said...

Very nice the sun dried prints. Did you make the red one yourself? It is scale 1/12 right?

Loveee it!
Hugs, Vall

otterine said...

Hahaha...just write the ideas down and tell them they'll get their turn. :]

Kathi said...

No Vall, I didn't make the sun print. I found it online. I would like to try this in miniature though. :D

Thanks Brae! I really should write all of these ideas down and get them OUT of my head! LOL

Vall said...

Thanks Kathi. Yes is it marvelous! also the clips used ooff..
Well when the sun starts shining in the netherlands I will make a try as well (how many pieces of fabric will I ruin hahaha)