Monday, October 18

Found On The Floor

I went to WalMart this weekend to get one of those wooden fans that Casey is using for her Russian Cottage. As I was walking to the register, I looked down on the floor and saw these!

They were clearing out their fall decorations, wreaths and such. These tiny balls must have fallen off some of the wreaths. I thought they looked like little pumpkins so I picked some up.

I don't know if anyone saw me crawling around on the floor and I don't care. Maybe you will see me on the WalMart shoppers website! LOL

You never know where you might find minis!


Debbie said...

Good for you Kathi. There are minis everywhere.
Did you manage to get your wooden fans?

CLARA said...

Perfectas bayas para muchas utilidades en nuestas casitas. Ya nos diras si encontraste las maderas.
Besos Clara

Kathi said...

Yes, I did get one of the fans. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet? Casey has lots of ideas!

Katie said...

LOL.... My kids get so embarrased when I do stuff like that, lol!! But what a good find! :) You're little house is looking so good!

Lainie's Little Things said...

Good for you Kathi! My hubby embarasses me in Wal Mart just to cut our trip short. I hardly take him anymore:~) What section do you find the fans in?

Sans! said...

I will be crawling too if I see these :):)

Caseymini said...

I can top that story Kathi!I once crawled around the area in front of the tour bus stop at Knotts Berry Farm Park in LA. I was collecting pinecones from trees in the park. They are the ones that I make cactus from and I had never seen them growing before. My husband and daughter had to drag me out of there by the heels as I kept scooping them into a large soft drink cup. Hey! They were free! Talk about embarassing!LOL

Kathi said...

The fans were a bit hard to find at WM. They were with the incense, scented oils and reed diffusers.
FREE is a good thing Casey! :D Thankfully, my daughter was not with me when I did this. LOL
I wonder why she doesn't like to go shopping with me???