Sunday, October 10

Moving To Miami?

I've been looking at my hurricane house all day. It's starting to speak to me again after what I've done to it.

I'm thinking maybe this house wants to move to Miami? Not to the crazy Art Deco District, but in a quieter area, still close to the beach. You know I can't be too far from the beach!

Maybe it is the front door that's doing the talking? If you really stretch your imagination can you see a little art deco there? A little Miami modern?

I think the color may be giving me some hints too. I do like the pink and I have all of these flamingos, you know. They really need somewhere to live!

I'm still planning to use the conservatory on the roof. I think if I raise it on a 3/4" board it will look more in proportion. Then I could even add a swimming pool up there too! An infinity pool would be awesome!

Most dollhouses come with plans and instructions. This one doesn't. I'll just have to keep listening and I'm sure it will tell me what to do. Thanks for listening to me dream. :D


Heather said...

I totally see it! Great plan.

Beatriz Fernández said...

Me gustaba la idea de una casa de playa con motivos de flamingos.
Yo tambien amo la playa.

Ana said...

Me encantaria en rosa¡¡¡ es mi color .Pero seguro que lo que hagas te quedará preciosa.

Nina said...

I see a little Miami modern. And sorry, but the frontdoor is not okay any more.
A swmmingpool is a great thing, but on the top of a house it is a very bad feng shui.
It is very interesting to follow your process.

Marlene said...

Wow what a brillant plan, love it can't wait to see what you do.

Tabitha Corsica said...

I am surprised the house is speaking to you at all after what you've put it through! heheheh....
At some point, what it wants to be will emerge and there will be no further discussion.

btw...feng shui is not New Age but a very ancient (over 3000 years) method of putting one's self in tune with both Heaven and Earth. It is neither mystical nor magical.

Anonymous said...

Wow - now the possibilities for that house are endless. You were so brave to tear it apart like that, but so wise.

CLARA said...

Está bien parar para pensar. Las ideas se disparán mucho.
¡Esta genial la idea de la casa en la playa!
Con el color rosa acertarás.
La piscina en la azotea está muy moderna y fashión.
Ya veré mañana que más has ideado.
Mientras, escucha a la casa :)