Wednesday, October 6

Matchbox Moving

Mini Mike borrowed his friend's old beat up well loved truck to move some of the furniture for the house.

Guess he will have to make a second trip to get the appliances.

Hope you are having fun today too?! :D


Ascension said...

Jejejejejeje, que suerte han tenido al conseguir ese coche para trasladar los muebles.
Seguro que la mudanza es muy divertida.
besitos ascension

Caseymini said...

He needs a bigger truck!LOL Maybe I can get Tessie to zap things into the house for him. He sure is cute.

Lataina said... it! =)

Heather said...

So, so, so cute!

Pan said...

He looks busy but - who's driving! Love the truck. :-)

Unknown said...

Muy práctico este camión para mudanzas. Espero que no se cansen en el traslado :)
Besos Clara