Friday, October 29

New Front Door

Casey sent me some flower making supplies a while ago. She included a little bag marked "leftovers."

I used some of the flowers to make a tiny wreath for the new front door of my little house.

I've been handling this house so much that it's starting to fall apart! Nothing a little glue can't fix, I hope.

I can't wait to start doing some landscaping. I'm sure I'll use more of Casey's leftovers there. :D

I took today off since my boss is out of town. Three day weekend! Yea! I'm going to go to Michael's later to get what I need to make my Christmas ornament for Marsha's exchange. I hope I can find some ground foam or something suitable for grass too.

Hope you have a good day!


Margaret said...

It is looking so cute, and I love the new photo in your header, are they dugongs?

Kathi said...

Thanks Margaret! Those are manatees in the river at Blue Springs in Florida. They come there for the warm water - 72 degrees all year round. It's a beautiful place!

Mirel said...

It is so adorable!