Wednesday, October 20


I made this cross stitch for my mother many years ago. All of the shells you see were collected on Sanibel Island Florida. After I had finished the stitching, we worked together to cut the mat, arrange the shells and frame it. As you can see, my mother liked tiny things too. :D

I've had this hanging in my bathroom and it shows signs of moisture damage. I really don't want to take it apart to fix the wrinkles in the fabric so I'll just leave it as it is. Wrinkles are just a part of the aging process, right?

I really miss my mother and every time I look at this I think of her. She would love to see what I've been doing with miniatures. Sometimes I feel her looking over my shoulder and see her smiling.

My mother was so creative! One of these days I'll show you some of the beautiful shell art and paintings that she did. They are real treasures to me.

Do you have someone in your life who inspires you? I'm sure you do.


Sans! said...

Those words are beautiful Kathi. Like you, my mum is a big influence :).

Ascension said...

Seguro que tu mama disfruta mucho de tus miniaturas, igual que tu de sus trabajos.
Me encantaria ver los trabajos que hacia.
besitos ascension

Beatriz Fernández said...

Seguro le gusto mucho cuando se lo regalaste. Es hermoso conservarlo.
Esperaremos nos muestres mas cosas.

Kim said...

wonderful post Kathi- and I agree- wrinkles and aging are beautiful. My MIL is constantly telling me how I need to do this and that to avoid wrinkles and she doesn't understand when I tell her I welcome my wrinkles. It is part of life- part of what God intended for us and it is beautiful. I am inspired by my Mom also- she sewed all our clothes as youngsters and lots of other things. I have yet to purchase a pillow or comforter for my home because of her and her teachings. I'm also very inspired by my brother- he draws every single day of his life, even when he is feeling ill. He is never without a sketch pad.

CLARA said...

Un cuadro precioso. Está muy bien trabajado y el complemento de las conchas lo hace más bonito. Además están los recuerdos tan bonitos.
Besos Clara

Tootie said...

I love the gift you made for your Mom. :)A Very Special Treasure. :)