Saturday, October 16

"No Giving Up"

This is what Brae at Otterine said about the lights in my teeny tiny house. "No giving up. It's not allowed!"

I'm not so sure about that after fiddling with this all morning. What a mess!
I did get both lights working again. I just can't seem to get the floor "sandwich" to go together right.

I would like to make a ceiling light for the kitchen (left downstairs) but I need to keep the LED flat so I may just use a medallion there. I hammered a little silver jewelry finding flat and that might work?

The house will sit on a 5 x 6 inch photo frame so I can do some landscaping around it. I may need to do that before I place the house on the board. So many things to think about! I'm getting tired of all of this thinking!!!

Here is the battery and switch underneath the house. If I put them here they won't be seen and I can replace the battery and work on the lights later if I need to do that.

I'm NOT going to give up but I AM going to go do something else for a while!

It's a beautiful sunny day here! I may take the "modern house" outside for some TLC and fresh air later? Right now I need a nap! LOL

Hope YOU have a beautiful day!

Thoughts after the nap: I'm going get a 3 x 5 inch frame so I won't need to do so much landscaping. Also, I'm going to try to make the middle floor from wood instead of card stock. I can always add some trim on the edge to hide the wiring.


Beatriz Fernández said...

Hola Kathi, muchas gracias por el regalo de intercambio, ayer lo recibi, me gusto mucho.
Es bueno no desistir hay que intentarlo las veces que sea necesario hasta que resulte como uno espera.

onbeingaminimum said...

Hi Kath, I am full of admiration for such teeny work and patience. My LEDs have arrived and they look small enough in 12th scale.
I love the way you have hidden all the 'workings' under the house.

Will keep you posted on how my lights go.

Pan said...

Keep on keeping on Kathi. The little house is going to be wonderful. I love seeing your ideas come together. Great idea to use a frame as the base. Pan x

Minimami said...

Love your tiny house, it looks so challenging but I am sure you´ ll get the lights on!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Nina in Germany said...

Hello Kathi,
what a sweet little house. Very creativ.
Be care on your fingers by doing this.

Some days ago, I made a special post for you.
Do you remember that you wrote a question in your comment.I do not know if you noticed my answer - perhaps it was only a rhetoric question?

jose said...

has passed me but a few times and start again but I hear music and
I relax

Ascension said...

Estas haciendo una gran trabajo en tu pequeñisima casita.
Lo de esconder el mecanismo de las luces es una idea genial.
Animo que te va a quedar de maravilla.
besitos ascension

Unknown said...

¡Cuanto trabajo te está dando esta mini mini casa! ¡Cuanto más pequeño más trabajo! Has tenid muy buena idea en poner jardin, así lucirá mas.
No te rindas con las luces.
Besos Clara