Sunday, October 10

Just Propped Up

What you see here are parts of my conservatory kit propped up on the roof of my bashed house. I never got around to building the conservatory and now I'm glad. It may just make a nice third floor addition to this house?

I was surprised the the dimensions of the conservatory are the same as the house except for the ceiling height. I'll need to do something about that. Some trim should take care of the difference on the exterior.

I'm also thinking that I'd like to expand the windows of the house so that they go around the corners. Like this beautiful house designed by Robin Chell Designs.

It was a bold move for me to tear this house apart. I hope you don't hate me for doing it? If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! :D

I'll be working on my little cottage again today and let the modern house rest for a while.

What projects are you working on today?


CLARA said...

Tu cabeza no para nunca. Y tus manos siempre activas. Ya has encontrado parte del conservatorio y queda muy bien cómo ático. Me gustan tus ideas. Hacer las ventanas más grandes puede ser peligroso para la estructura, aunque siempre tenemos el remedio de la escayola:(
Ahora yo estoy retapizando unos sofás. Espero terminar y enseñar pronto.
Besos Clara

Mini Me said...

Love it! I agree, changing the windows on the original is a must (but I'm sure it will be a pita)!

Nina said...

Hello, yes I like what you did. It looks very more lighter without the pillar. And the idea with the conservatory is genial !!!
Today I am playing with my flowershop, take a look if you want.

Nina said...

Hey Kathi,
Do you mean the little wreath near the mirror?
It is a autumm wreath, with ivy bound.
I will do a post tomorrow how to do this.

Oese said...

Okay, I love you for doing this. I'm so glad to see what you do. The conservatory-idea is to die for and makes me jealous. I wonder which colour the house will get? But I'm sure it will be superbe! Have you got enough modern miniatures for this house? Perhaps we can do a swap with some of my vintage pieces, when you finished the house once.
Looking forward....

Kim said...

It's almost as if the house was waiting for this! The conservatory looks awesome on the top there- and I agree also- the windows going around the corner would be perfect! I think you are really brave for doing this Kathi- I can't wait to see more work on it!