Monday, October 11

Lamp Works

I've been working on the wiring for my tiny house. I got the lamp to work in the bedroom but the ceiling light in the kitchen went out.

If I hadn't decided to put lights in this little place I would be finished by now!

Hope you have a lovely day,


Caseymini said...

Kathi, lighting can be fun....If it is in a big house.LOL Keep up the good work. You are almost there.

Alma e Lia said...

The light makes it even more perfect your work

Ascension said...

Con la luz has conseguido un trabajo mejor terminado, a mi me parece que te esta quedando maravillosa tu casita.
besitos ascension

CLARA said...

Animo con la luz, está preciosa.
Besos Clara

otterine said...

No giving up! It's not allowed. ;] We're here cheering you on!

Kathi said...

Here it is Saturday and I'm still trying to figure out these lights! They are both working again. I made a new ceiling sandwich to hide the wiring. Now I just need put it together. This is quite a challenge!