Saturday, July 30

Beach Basket

I made this little beach basket for my daughter who loves the beach just as much as I do.

I found a navy blue basket at Michael's that is about the size of a shoe box. Then I started adding things to make a beach scene. First I made a palm tree. I LOVE to make palm trees!

I used my painting for the background. Then I made a sand dune with styrofoam covered with real sand from my last trip to Florida. Spray adhesive works great for this.

I built the dock out of Starbuck's coffee stirrers and wooden dowels. The fence is a bamboo placemat that I painted and weathered. Then I added some real driftwood, shells and sand. The sea oats are made from real pampas grass flowers.

I like how Sharyn's basket looks in a different light. At night, the fire really flickers and looks so real!

I used the LED fire kit by Evan's Designs. It can be ordered with a small coin battery that has a switch attached. I hid the wiring. The battery and switch are on the back of the basket so that it can be turned on and off easily.

I bought the sea gull from Nicky. Nicky make the most perfect little birds. Now she is working on other things, like dolls and dragons and more magical things!

If you haven't visited Evan's Designs you need to go there. They have the best customer service and prices. I bought another fire kit for myself. I think there should be an outdoor fireplace next to the garage. :D

Hope you have a great weekend. If you can't go to the beach, make one yourself!

Friday, July 29

Breaking Eggs

I'm happy to be back to making minis again. Today I'm working on the table top for Grandma's little table. First I had to break up the painted egg shells.

Then I used Mod Podge to glue them on to the wood.

Now I'm waiting for this to dry so I can add another coat or two. Seems we are always waiting for something to dry!

Hope you have a beautiful day! Thanks for your prayers. God is good and all is well.

Monday, July 25

Life and Minis

I've been too busy to post these past few days. I have been making minis but I can't show you what I made just yet. I finished my gifts for Caterina's Summer Swap. I will be sending them to Monika in Germany today.

My daughter had surgery yesterday. Her hubby is taking good care of her at home and she is doing well. She will go back on Wednesday for another procedure. Please keep them both in your prayers.

I've also been trying to study. I'm reading about pain management for my continuing education class to renew my nursing license in Florida. Yes, I'm still keeping that license current. Just in case I ever move back "home."

Hope you have a beautiful day! I'll be back soon.

Thursday, July 21

Coloring Eggs

I painted some egg shells this morning. I want to try to make a mosaic table for Grandma. She needs a place to set her cup of tea while she reads her magazines.

Here is her little table in progress.

I'm going to try to make decorative sides on the table with cloth covered wire.

Nothing is glued together yet. I need to finish the top first. I'm just waiting for the eggs to dry...

Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, July 20

Wish List

I got an email from today. Of course I had to go check out some of their new fabrics.

I didn't buy anything (yet) but here is my "wish list." If you type in my email address it will take you there.

Be warned. This is a really great place to find fabric!

Playing With Paint

I was playing with paint this morning. This is my first attempt at painting an original backdrop for miniatures.

I used gesso and acrylic paint on cardstock. It is 10 x 16 inches. Hope you like it. Hope you'll try it too. :D

Tuesday, July 19

Roasting Marshmallows

If you are going to make s'mores you need to roast your marshmallows. Thanks to Kris at 1 Inch Minis, I found the perfect way to make a marshmallow roasting stick.

Kris made a fly swatter that is really cool. Check out her terrific tutorial!

I used her technique to make the handle for my stick. The marshmallows are bits of packing foam that are toasted with chalk and paint.

I'm off to make another one. Thanks Kris for yet another great idea!

Monday, July 18


I love S'mores!

I'm really not good with clay, so I figured out another way to make s'mores. I used cork, cardstock and foam.

I'm sure it won't taste as good as a real one but I like how it turned out. :D

Saturday, July 16

Still Not Finished...

Yes, I am still working on Grandma's ironing board table.

Installing the teeny tiny hinges took me about two hours! Those little nails kept flying all over the place! Thanks to Karin at Karin Corbin Miniatures, I finally did it. Her tips for hinges are great.

I've just primed the inside with white paint. It's not quite level but maybe close enough? The back side has shelves to store things in. If you are standing on your head you'll see. :D

I'm trying to figure out how to prop up the drop leaf when the table is right side up. I've been sitting here for a long time just thinking about that...

Anyway, I'm going to leave this alone for a while and come back to it later. I need to start on my gift for Caterina's Summer Swap. It has to be mailed by July 23rd so I'd better get busy!

Hope you have a good day!

Thursday, July 14

Lab Work

I walked into our lab at work yesterday and look what I saw!

My friend Mia was using a pipette to add specimens to these little cups for a test she was preparing. I asked her to save some for me when she was finished. She laughed when I told her they would make perfect little glasses for my dollhouse. :D

Mia cleaned the cups and I found them on my desk later. Aren't they cute?!!

They are the perfect size too! I love the colored rims!

I am now the proud owner of about 50 of these! I will be sure to share some of them in my swaps and give-a-ways. :D

Hope you have a lovely day!

Tuesday, July 12

Two Photos

Two quick photos. No time for more. Gotta go to work!

Monday, July 11

Little Projects

I decided not to use the doors on the hutch. I want to be able to see what's inside. I still have some work to do on the hutch.

I used one of the doors and some of my wallpaper border to make this little frame.

I'm also trying to make an ironing board cabinet to put in the closet. We'll see how that goes...

Thanks for your comments! Have a great day!

Sunday, July 10

Grandma's New Hutch

I'm working on Grandma's hutch this morning. I am using two different Michael's hutches and making some custom changes.

The drawers on these hutches don't open. Grandma didn't like that so I made one that does open. I used the drawer front that came with the hutch and then just added a frame to make the drawer.

Here you see that color that Grandma chose. She likes red!

The base coat is Folk Art Fire Engine Red. When that was dry, I lightly dry brushed on some Poodle Pink to tone down the red and make it look a little shabby.

I may paint some flowers on the drawer? I'm planning to add crystal knobs and maybe some trim on the shelves inside. I haven't decided how I want to finish the bottom yet.

The red really looks nice in the attic. Hope to show you soon...

Saturday, July 9

Custom Closets

I've started working on the built-ins for Grandma's sewing room. The angle of the ceiling is making this a bit challenging.

The bashed Michael's hutch needs to be set back a little more. I think it sticks out too much. I haven't decided how I want to paint or wallpaper it yet... Right now it's just taped together.

I want to thank Casey for her ingenious idea for hanging a closet pole. Mine needs to be a little higher. I'll add some shelves and a shoe rack inside later. Not sure if it will have doors or not?

This may be all that gets done today. I do have a real house to clean and laundry to do...

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Friday, July 8

Michael's In The Microwave

I put some Michael's hutches in the microwave this morning to take them apart. I'm planning to add built-in storage to this wall.

It's time to get out the graph paper and ruler and get busy! This is just an idea.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Thursday, July 7

Grandma Wants More Space!

Just for fun, I put some of Grandma's sewing room furniture and things in the attic to see how it will look.

Grandma is grumpy. She wants more storage. She wants more shelves. She wants to be able to show off her hats without moving them off the cutting table when she wants to cut out a new dress...

I might have to build another house just for Grandma and all of her stuff!

Hope you have a nice evening. I'm going to go make Grandma some tea.

Wednesday, July 6

The Garage

I decided to tape the garage together today. I've been so busy with little details that I needed to see how much I've done so far.

There is still a LOT more to do...

Here is the deck that will give Grandma a way up to her sewing room.

This room is still just a dream. I plan to do a lot more in here.

I hope you enjoyed this peak at my progress. I think I'll leave the garage as it is for a while.

I'm not quite ready to take it all apart and get back to work. That will happen. Just not today.

Credits: Houseworks Garage Kit and Cupola. Greenleaf Staircase Kit. Handmade dormer inspired by Sylvia.

Tuesday, July 5

Attic Screened Door

I've been working on the installation of the attic screened door. I'm so glad I found the door that is the right size!

I made my first pin hinges and door frame. It even opens and closes like a real door. :D

Now I just have to find the cool hardware I bought... I seem to have trouble finding things around here!

I wish I could stay home and finish this but it's back to the real work world for me.

Hope you have a wonderful day!