Sunday, February 28


I cut the holes for the window and doors and I still have all ten fingers intact!

I had to remove a piece of trim from the outside wall. I'll sand, prime and paint over that.

I learned a lot about jigsaws while I was working on this. This was the first time I had used one. The blade needs go into the saw facing away from you. I tried it the other way and couldn't see what I was doing! That's what happens when you don't read the directions!

My nifty little cordless saw even has a headlight! How cool is that?!

Here is a photo of the kitchen now. The top of the door opening is crooked, but I think some spackle and the door trim will hide that...

I love how the new window opening brings more light into the bedroom. Can't wait to get the window installed. Thanks for helping me choose the one that opens! I love it!

Right now I'm waiting for the paint to dry on the doors and window. Then I'll install them.
They actually fit! :D

More later. I'm going to take a nap now.


All Charged Up!

Well, here we go! My new jigsaw is all charged up and ready! It's time to cut holes in the house!

Here is the front of the house that I haven't seen in months. There is still lots of work to do! I need to finish painting, add the deck railing back, and fill the window boxes etc...

This is the now empty interior. It's amazing how different the house looks without anything in it. I see some things I want to change and lots of things I want to do!

Now here is where the holes will be. One new window and a set of french doors. I hope to have this done today with all of my fingers intact!

The room on the bottom left below will be the kitchen. That's where the french doors will go. It is a really small room but it will open up to the conservatory. That's a project for another day!

I now have this house, a conservatory, my "Feline Towers," a future general store/animal clinic and a travel trailer on the way! I'd better get busy!

Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, February 27

Casey Made Me Do It

Don't you think we need something to move into while the beach house is under construction? I do!

This "vintage trailer" was a great deal at Thanks Casey!

No Tessie... it isn't here yet. I doubt you would stoop to living like this anyway!

I'm on a roll here!

Peace baby!

Blog to Book and a Birthday!

Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage just posted her new blog book. She used BLURB to create her very own hard copy of her blog in a book! Thanks for sharing your great idea Claudia!

I just checked out BLURB and it is amazing! It's free too! I've been wondering how to save my blog entries. This looks like a great way of doing just that?!

Today, I'm going work on the beach house. I haven't seen the front of the house in months! It's time to turn it around and start working on the exterior again!

I've got french doors and a window to install and lots of painting to do! Then there is a conservatory that needs building... I'm going to be busy busy busy!

I do want to take time to wish my dear Aunt Adelaide a very happy 102nd birthday today!!!

Photo taken two years ago at her 100th Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Aunt Adelaide! I hope you have a wonderful day! I hope to make "The Adelaide Beachy" dollhouse worthy of your name!


Thursday, February 25

Hello Kitty?

Not much time for minis this morning. Here's my first attempt at making a polymer clay kitty. Go ahead and laugh, I am!

I still need to smooth/blend and add the details. I won't quit until it really looks like a cat. LOL Maybe I should watch some more videos?

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, February 24

Clay Cats?

I'm having a bit of a problem here. I decided I wanted to try to make some little polymer clay cats for my "cat house." I've purchase three, one is pictured. They are too expensive for me to buy more. I thought maybe I could make something that resembled a cat?

I have some white Premo polymer clay. I have been sitting here kneading it for over thirty minutes and it's still too hard to form. My hand are a little cold, is that what's wrong? Shouldn't it have softened up by now?

Another thing I'm noticing is that my hands are starting to itch! I don't think I'm allergic? I don't have a rash. Maybe it's the kneading that's causing my hands to tingle?? This stuff is really hard to work with! Got any ideas???

I'm going to go read my new BHG magazine, watch some TV and go to bed...
Sweet Dreams,

Tuesday, February 23

Morning Mini Project

Here's what I did this morning with a shade pull, a marble and some toothpicks. Gotta go get ready for work now...

Hope you have a happy day!

Monday, February 22

Let The Sun Shine!

I received this beautiful award from Casey and Jodi yesterday! Thank you so much! I'm always happier when the sun is shining!

The rules for this award are to pass it on to six bloggers. That's the hard part! How do you choose six from a list of hundreds of wonderful blogs? Eeney Meeny Miney Mo? I picked six now here you go!

Daisy at Antique Daisy. Go look at the beautiful tiles she's making!
Annie at Annie's Miniatures & Stuff. Her baby room box won 2nd prize in the Nat'l Miniaturist contest! So cute!
Oese at Raum fur Raum. Oese is a super talented miniaturist and photographer! I love her modern minis! I hope to have a custom built modern house soon.
Deborah at Deborah's Daily Dish. Deborah lives close to me (relatively speaking) and I know she needs/loves the sunshine too!
Casita at Casita's Minis. I love what she has done with her Brookwood house. She just finished the kitchen and it is wonderful!
Cheryl at A Miniature Place. Cheryl lives in Hawaii and I'm sure has beautiful sunshine to enjoy every day! Cheryl won my give-a-way and I wish I could deliver her gifts in person!

I hope that everyone has a bright sunshiney day today! Remember that behind every cloud the sun is still shining...

Photo from The Weather Channel by Primjulie


Sunday, February 21

Three Brown Mice

There are no mice to be found around here. Thank goodness! The ones I found to buy are ridiculously expensive. So...

I decided to make some.

I found three wooden beads that look like mouse bodies? Some "beady" little beads for eyes. A paper punch for ears. I used three strands of black embroidery floss stiffened with glue for the tails. A flower punch made their little pink feet. So, here you have it!

One mouse perched on my finger! Three brown mice below!

I crack myself up sometimes.

Cats Rule?

Photo found at Country

I know exactly what I'm going to do with the "house" I found yesterday. I'm going to turn it into a little house for cats only! I've already started making some things for it.

There is still lots to do...

Here is the climbing wall I'm working on. I'll be adding more details as I have time. The ideas just keep coming!

I'll have to find a little mouse too?

These two dogs aren't sure they like this idea...

Hope you have a happy day!

Saturday, February 20

Sunny Saturday Shopping

The weather was gorgeous here today! Sunny and warm!

I went to the post office this morning to send Cheryl's gifts to her. Then I drove up to Leeds, AL and discovered a "new" thrift shop! I kept piling things up on the sales counter and going back for more! Everything was marked a dollar or less.

I got one earring, three glass marbles, a little level and 6 acrylic napkin holders.

In one corner there were shelves and boxes of sewing and craft supplies. I found these books and pamphlets there. Plus a copy of one of my favorite books, "Because of Winn Dixie."

This pretty lace, trim and box of coasters was there too. Had to do some digging, but I'm glad I did! The orange candle holder has possibilities but I don't know what they are yet? :)

Love this fancy fish! He will make a great flower pot or fountain! The wooden knobs look like table bases to me? The white ceramic tile will be great for working with clay or as flooring for a mini scene.

The box in the back is holding the rattan coasters. It's kinda cute too.

Now here is my PRIZE find! A small dish from Hotel Meurice, Paris! It is Limoges porcelain too! The price? 50 cents!

If that wasn't great enough, just look at the front side! Isn't it gorgeous?! I think it will make a wonderful water feature in my conservatory!

Here are a few more things I found. The silver frame is just about the right size for my bathroom mirror. The little house and lighthouse were just too cute not to grab...

Now last but not least! Here is what those things are sitting in!

A little two story shelf made to look like a dollhouse! I found this on my second stop at an antique mall in the same town. I found several of these in the mall, but liked this one best.

There are a lot of things in "antique" stores that are NOT antiques. I just thought it was cute. The "Paris" dish was found there too.

Here's how the door opens. There are two "rooms" inside! I think it will be fun to decorate.

Total cost for all of my goodies? The "house" and the porcelain dish were $4.50 at the antique mall. I got everything else at the thrift store for $3 dollars!

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning! Hope you had a nice day too!

Thursday, February 18

House Plans

My son and I are collecting ideas for our first doll house. I've been looking at Architectural House Plans. This site has a wonderful collection of real house designs by some very talented architects!

Love this one! It is designed by RW Knight, and is called "Sunny Place in the Forest." Wouldn't it make a perfect little dollhouse?

The one below is designed by James Polk. It's called the "Eco Cottage." I think it could be a great doll's house too!

I really want to build a modern dollhouse with lots of windows!

I've been following MiniModern and saw this house featured there.

I don't know if it is available anywhere (?) but I love it!

Did you know that you can power your dollhouse lights with solar power?!

Just click here to see more!

Here's another house found at MiniModern.

Now check this out! It's a miniature solar cell! Amazing!

Hope you have a sunny day filled with inspiration!

Monday, February 15

Crepe Paper Flowers?

I found this really cool site on One Pretty Thing. Filth Wizardry shares her tutorial for making crepe paper roses. She even has a darling video with her daughter. So cute! I'm wondering if her technique would work in mini scale?

Martha also has tutorials and videos as well. Is there anything Martha can't do? I've never seen her make miniatures!

I also found this site that sells double sided crepe paper as well as other flower making supplies. Not mini but there are lots of ideas there. Flowers, petals, leaves etc...

Photo from

Now where is that crepe paper I had? I'm sure it's around here somewhere...

I actually have a clean workspace right now. Not sure I want to mess it up, but I'm sure it won't stay this way for long!

Hope you have a nice evening,

Ceiling Fan!

Look what I won on Ebay!

The price was right too! $2.85!
Now I can check this off my wish list!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 14


I just want to say congratulations again to Cheryl for winning my "thank you" give-a-way!

I've been so blessed lately by winning several gifts, so I really wanted to do something for someone else. Here is what I made for Cheryl.
A little tiki bar in 1:12 scale. It measures 5" wide and 7" tall.

It was fun thinking about accessories too...

Cheryl lives in Hawaii. I would really love to visit there someday!

The parrot and glass were purchased. I made the lei, the coasters and sign and the little bowl of shells. I am also sending Cheryl one of my little plants and a palm tree that I made.

Here is what the back of the bar looks like. Plenty of room for accessories.

I found the background photo online and printed it out on cardstock. I like how it makes the scene come to life. The "fire pit" is a star shaped votive candle.

I had so much fun making this and putting it all together!

I took lots of photos because I'm not really sure I want to part with this!?

Just kidding Cheryl. I hope you like what I've made for you. I will send it off to you very soon. I am keeping the doll. Her family would be really upset if she ran off to Hawaii without them!

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on my blog. I appreciate each one of you!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Many Blessings,