Tuesday, February 26

A Sunny Day!

On Sunday morning I went with my daughter and son-in-law to Oak Mountain State Park here in Birmingham. It was the first warm and sunny day we've had for a long time! It was fun being outdoors with the animals at the farm.

Even the donkeys were friendly. They ate corn right out of my hand.

Sharyn posed with a beautiful little donkey.

Kris talked with one of the horses. I introduced myself to a goose.

This goose is rather special. Here's why -

We hadn't realized that this goose had followed us all the way across the field to where the horses were. The goose bonded with Kris and began to follow him around! Step by step. Never leaving his side!

Even when it was time to go, the goose followed Kris to the gate and cried when he left!

Needless to say, Kris has a new friend. He named him "Douglas". I'm sure we will go back to visit him soon!

Hope you have a beautiful day! Thanks for all of your kind comments lately. I do appreciate your friendship!

Wednesday, February 13

A Morning Muse

It is Wednesday, February 13, 2013. The time is 3:59 AM. A thought returned to me just now. It was something my sweet daughter said to me on Sunday. It was raining outside and cold. We had planned to go to the Wellness Center together for a swim. Neither of us felt like going out in the rain. 

We chatted a while. She asked me what I had done on Saturday? I told her I spent most of the day in bed. She mentioned that she had tried to call me and had driven by my house. She said it looked like we were sleeping over here. We were.

Then she told me how warm and sunny it was outside on Saturday. She had wanted me to go with her to feed the donkeys at Oak Mountain State Park. She said there were beautiful blue birds in her yard. She loved that. She took her dog for a long walk at the park near her house. She said it was a really nice day.

As she was talking I felt tears well up inside. I realized that I had lost an entire day to my depression. A day I could have spent with my daughter. A day I could have enjoyed the outdoors. Instead, I wasted precious moments hiding and feeling sad.

Yesterday at work I realized that most of my patients know me by name. They ask me about my dogs. They ask if I have been to Florida lately? Some of them even know my voice on the phone before I say who I am. I like that. 

I've been here in Alabama for almost five years now. I found my first dollhouse at a garage sale here. That opened an entire new world for me. I found an outlet for my creativity. I found friends online. I have spent hours and hours engrossed in doing what I love and sharing that with you.

As I look around my work room today I see many things I would like to do. Instead, I've been led away be my compulsion to escape this nasty weather and return to the sunshine. For six weeks now I have been focusing on things I don't like and ways to get out of here. No wonder I'm depressed!

I am certain that I have a Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, there is a pill for that. They don't work. 

I have applied to many job opportunities in Florida and have had no replies. I have searched for houses to buy. I have spent these past weeks yearning for a new life. This morning I realize that I have everything I need right here. God has been so good to me. He has given me good health, a nice home and a great job.

I miss Florida. I miss the warm weather and sunshine. I miss the beach. In spite of that, I am going to try to stop focusing on the things I don't like and start appreciating what I have. I'm going to spend more time creating and less time worrying. If I am supposed to move, God will find a way for me. I need to relax and stop wasting my days longing for what I don't have.

I'm going to clean off my desk, make room for my projects and get back to work! I appreciate those who have stayed with my blog during this time of distraction. If you have read this post so far, I know you are a true friend. You have been my inspiration. I have learned some life lessons from you too.

Today is really only day I have. Tomorrow will take care of itself. 

Tuesday, February 12

For Sale by Owner

I'm still here. Still looking for a job and a home in Florida. This is a condo I found on Zillow in Deltona Florida. Close to my son and daughter-in-law. :D

It comes furnished. Less stuff to move.

It is obviously owned by a New York fan!

This would be a really BIG remodeling project! Good thing I like to do that sort of thing...

The best part about this place is - the pool!

The owner wants CASH. I don't have cash. Sigh....

Wednesday, February 6

Another Distraction

I have found yet another distraction from mini-making. Planning a MOVE (possibly) back to Florida!

I've been searching for jobs online. Searching for homes to buy. Cleaning out my "stuff" to get ready, just in case. I'm doing one room at a time. Leaving my work room for last. It's the worst!

I took four HUGE bags of stuff to the thrift store yesterday just from my bedroom. There will be a LOT more to go!

I just don't think I can stand another winter here in Alabama. I wasn't made for winter!!!

I'm hoping to find a great job and a cute little house with a big room for my miniature life. I'm looking at places near my oldest son and his wife. They are not far from the beach and have a great salt water swimming pool. Two of my granddogs live there too. :D

This is Kieran and Hobbes, relaxing after a swim in the pool. I'm ready for some big slobbery kisses from these two!

Hope you have a nice day. I'm going to bundle up and go to work. :(

First photo courtesy of Completely Coastal on Facebook. Thanks, I needed that!

Friday, February 1

Now THIS is FUN!

It's been quiet over here at BMB. No minis. No cleaning. Not much being done at all!

I have been going to the Wellness Center. I'm still waiting for my arm to heal so I can swim again.  I'm going to try to sneak in today with a waterproof band aid. Hope no one will notice. :D

I found this video this morning before work and thought I might (might) be able to do this?

I'm not ready for a class OR a mirror yet but it was so much fun!  I felt 25 again. Well, almost....

Thanks for being patient with me and my minis. I'm trying to add some positive changes to my life and regain some much needed energy too.

Maybe this will be the weekend for the big clean up?  Maybe.

Hope you have a beautiful day!