Saturday, October 5

She Said "YES!"

My son is engaged to be married to the most wonderful girl!  I am so happy she said "yes!"

 He proposed in Hawaii. So romantic... Gorgeous ring!

Congratulations Tim and Lily!

Love is a beautiful thing!

Friday, October 4

Happy Hour

Long time no posts!

I am still hobbling around in my boot. Today I will see the ortho doc for more xrays to find out if my foot is healing? I hope so!

I have so many projects I want to finish but it's been difficult to get anything done lately. I can't wait to get back to "normal!" Whatever that is?!  :D

Hope you have a great weekend!
I hope to have something to show you soon...

I am planning a vacation to Florida! It's always happy hour there!

PS. Please feed my fish while I'm away...