Sunday, September 30

Garden Cart

I finished my little garden cart.

Then I filled it with plants.   :D

I am about one quarter way through the alphabet now. A for agapanthus, B for bougainvillea, C for coleus, D for daisy, E for elephant ear, F for fern (staghorn) and G for Gerbera daisies.

Maybe someday there will be a Garden Center for these? Maybe? Someday?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, September 27

Garden Cart Progress

I'm making progress on my little garden cart. I made new wheels out of fun foam. The corrugated cardboard ones just didn't look right from the side. I could have saved myself a whole lot of trouble if I had purchased BLACK fun foam! 

I'm making the wheel axles using a black coffee stir stick, a piece of 18 gauge wire and fun foam supports. I think the wheels may actually turn? Not that it makes much difference, but I like that.  :D

Sewing the screen to the frame didn't work. Super glue did.

Now I have black paint and super glue all over my fingers. I hope it will come off when I take my shower?  My co-workers always know when I've been making minis!

Hope you have good day!

Tuesday, September 25

Reinventing The Wheel

The 3/4" wooden wheels I have are too large for the project I am working on. So I decided to try to make my own wheels.

I punched 1/4" circles in corrugated cardboard. Then I cut out 1/2" wheels and painted them black. I used a flower punch to make the spokes of the wheels. I painted some hole punch reinforcements and placed them on the outside of the wheels over the edges of the flowers.

Here are my little wheels with the project I am working on for the garden center. The frame is made with skinny sticks, matchsticks, 1/8" quarter round and spray painted window screen.

I still have more inventing and more work to do. Hopefully, my miniature garden cart will look something like this when finished?
Hope you have a good day! I'm going to go sew some screen now...

Saturday, September 22

I can't stand it any longer. I have no space to work!

My desk and my work table are covered with "stuff!" Something MUST be done about this and it must be done today!

I cannot continue building the garden center until I make room to work!

The mess continues around the workroom. When I can't find things and can't close the drawers, it's time!

Don't show this photo to Grandpa. That is his unfinished garage sitting on the table. Grandma is buried upstairs in her sewing room somewhere. I hope she is okay?!

Even the Adelaide Beachy is piled with things that don't belong there. It is in the kitchen. That is yet another room I need to clean up! 

I have no idea how things go so out of control? Perhaps it is because I've been concentrating on the trees and couldn't see the forest?

If you don't see me for a couple of days, don't send my family to check on me. They already have concerns about my state of mind...

Thursday, September 20

Caterina's Summer Swap Gifts

I have been waiting to show you the gifts I received and those I made for Caterina's Summer Swap. Today Caterina revealed photos of all the wonderful miniatures made by the participants in her swap. This was so much fun and I met two new mini friends! :D

Here are the things I received from Eleonora. I love them!

I admire anyone who can make miniature food. This little Italian picnic is so cute and so well done. The bread not only looks real, it feels real too! I love the lasagna and there is even a little piece cut for me! Just look at that little sandwich! Amazing! Thank you SO MUCH Eleonora!

These are the things I made for Kaisa.

Please poke the photos to see the details. :D

I had so much fun making my gifts for Kaisa AND receiving those from Eleonora! Thanks again Caterina for organizing another wonderful swap! I can't wait until the next one!

Tuesday, September 18

Paper Clip Shelf Bracket

I need some shelves, lots of them, for the garden center. This morning I found some 1 inch green paper clips. I thought they might work for shelf brackets?

I fiddled with them for a while and came up with these. I made the shelf with a 3/4 inch wide tongue depressor, then stained it with Folk Art maple stain. Who knew that tongue depressors have such a nice wood grain?

Sadly, my favorite Instant Krazy Glue was empty so I had to clamp the brackets to the wood with Tacky Glue. Here is the little shelf finished.

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, September 16

Two Mini Gardens

I finished my apple basket miniature garden today. Now I have two tiny gardens. One for spring and one for fall.  :D

I think I will wait to do one for summer and winter. I need to get back to my A-Z plants and work on building the garden center!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments. They make me smile and keep me going!

Update! Joanne's Minis at Creating Dollhouse Miniatures just posted a tutorial for making 1:12 scale apples. Go see!  :D

Saturday, September 15

It's Almost Time To Plant

I still need to add the handles to my apple basket, but it's almost finished. These are some little things I made to "plant" inside.

Troy asked for an eggshell path. I will work on that next. Troy is celebrating his 100th post. Go say "hello" and congratulate him.  :D

I just passed the 1,000 post mark! Thanks to everyone who keeps following along here. I hope you find something you like and something that inspires you.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, September 14

Making An Apple Basket

I purchased this roll of 3/8 inch white wood at Save On Crafts a while ago. I had planned to use it for flooring but it wants to curl. Today I am using it to make a wooden apple basket.

I cut strips about three inches long and then cut them in half lengthwise. I'm using a one inch woodsie circle for the base.

Last night I glued three of the wooden strips to the base of the circle in a star pattern. This morning I added more strips around the bottom of the basket.

I tried several stains, but this wood does not take stain well. I found some "Caramel Candy" paint by "Apple Barrel" in my stash so I used that instead. I added water to the paint to thin it.

To coax the wooden strips to bend into a circle, I wet then and painted them with red water color paint. Then I added a black wash to tone it down. These will go around the outside of the basket.

Now I'm waiting to the paint to dry...

This is all I have time for this morning. REAL work calls. Hopefully, tomorrow I can show you my finished basket. I may use it to make a little fall fairy garden?

Hope you have a good Friday!

Thursday, September 13

Dollhouse Miniature Fairy Garden

This little spring garden is 1.25 inches wide and is 2 inches tall.  It is sitting beside a 1:12 scale plant so you can see how tiny it is.

I had so much fun making this! It sits in a wooden crate and has a styrofoam base. The picket fence was made with card stock. I used a piece of nadina that Casey sent to me to make the tree. Thanks Casey!

The little chair is made with part of a wooden fan, a 1/4 inch hole punch and has wire legs. I made the flowers with my 1/8 inch hole punch and hand cut the leaves. I glued them to a piece of sewing thread and wrapped that around a wire for the arbor.

The "grass" is felt and the hedge along the side is dried moss. The gazing ball is the head of a sewing pin.

I plan to make one for summer, fall and winter too. They will be "for sale" in the garden center. :D

Hope you like my first fairy garden.  I love it!

Tuesday, September 11

The Great Divide

I've decided to divide the walls of the garden center into sections of interest. This is one wall idea.

On this wall there will be an area for tropical plants and a birding center that wraps around the back corner.  These cute little bird houses were purchased from Katie at Katie's Clay Corner on Etsy. I ordered two more items from Katie today. Can't wait to show you. :D The bird cage was an Ebay find.

I will add shelves to display products that relate to each area. There will be a section for fairy gardens (1:144  scale) and one for garden art. I hope to have room for tools and supplies and space for pottery?

I'll be working on the tropical plant area first. Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, September 8

F is for Fern

This week's plants are ferns. I've always loved ferns. The bigger the better! This group of ferns is mounted on a piece of real pine bark.

There is a bird's nest fern, a staghorn fern and a fox tail fern. I added a bromeliad for color. The one in the little pot is an attempt at making a hand cut Boston fern.

This little staghorn is attached to a piece of driftwood I found at Juno Beach Florida. I thought it looked like a fish.  :D

Today, I'm off to find a one inch star punch. Then I'm going to work on the garden center. I've been putting off building the front of the store. I don't like the one that came with the kit. Not sure what I'll come up with?

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Friday, September 7

5:40 AM

Here's what's cookin' in my kitchen this morning. Painted paper and dollhouse dirt.

I wanted to make some brownies, but guess it wouldn't be a good idea to turn on the stove right now.

Yes. Sometimes I do have brownies for breakfast!  :D  Just not today.

I'm working on some ferns for this week's plants. F is for Ferns. I haven't forgotten the datura plant. I just need to find a one inch star punch. I think that will make better flowers.

Hope you have a good day!

Thursday, September 6

Garden Center Display

Here is the little display shelf I made for the garden center. I left it unfinished for now. It could hold pottery or plants.  I haven't decided how I will use it yet.

I got the idea for this at Bench I see lots of other things there that I want to make in miniature.

I like their three tier display. It could be used for seasonal items as shown here.

This web site is great. They even give the real life dimensions of their products. That makes it easier to copy in miniature.  :D

Hope you have a happy day!

Wednesday, September 5

Display Shelf and Floor

I picked up some sticks and started building this morning. I am making a large display shelf for the garden center. It won't matter that they are not quite square when I'm finished.  :D

Yesterday, I tried some different glazes on the Dollar Store kraft paper that I may use for the floor. The piece on the bottom is the plain paper. The two above have tinted glaze added. I like how the glaze tones down the pattern so it is not so bright.

Back to work cutting sticks. Hope you have a good day!

Monday, September 3


I finished my own variety of an elephant ear plant. Then I made some coleus. Not an easy task, but I love how they turned out. :D

I have a few left over to make little plants to sell in the garden center. Now I just have to make more pots. This one I purchased from Beautifully Handmade on Ebay.  She has the most lovely miniatures!

There is a pottery class here in Birmingham that I am thinking about taking?  I emailed the instructor and he said he could help me learn how to turn real clay miniature pots and dishes. It is a six week course. I'm temped, but it would take me away from finishing the garden center.

That is the next thing on my list of things to do. These plants take a long, long time to make!  I really need to decide what I want to do with the interior walls and floor...

Hope you like my latest plants. The next one will start with an "F." Not sure what that will be yet?

Sunday, September 2

Floor Sample

I made a little floor sample today. I found this brown kraft wrapping paper at the Dollar Store. I thought it could look like a painted floor?

Poke the photo to see. 

I'm not quite happy with it yet. I scored lines then went over them with a brown colored pencil. The lines don't show up as much as I would like. I may need to cut the paper into strips and glue them down instead.

I'm also working on some plants for the yellow glazed pot on the right. The larger one will be an E for Elephant Ear.  :D  The smaller ones will be coleus.

I have lots more of them to make! This is some paper I painted to get started. Coleus comes in so many colors. Here is my inspiration photo from Amazing

Hope you have a lovely day!