Wednesday, September 30

My First Basket

Well, I started my first basket this evening. I'm a visual learner so I need pictures to follow. I'm using the tutorial because it has several close up photos.

Here's where I taped the cording to a piece of mat board and glued the center.

Then I started weaving, following the instructions. It was very difficult to keep the tension even. As you can see the base is a bit out of shape. I'm going to keep going anyway. It is my first attempt, you know!

The base is supposed to be 1/2 inch X 1 inch. If I had read the entire tutorial before starting I would have measured first! I had to pull out this last blue row to get it the correct size...

So here's what it looks like now. A mess.

The sides are done with something they call "three rod waling." Whatever that is? It looks like you add two more cords and do a different pattern on the sides. I haven't figured that out yet. I'm going to bed.

Sweet Dreams,

More About Baskets

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Casey has several basket tutorials on her blog. Check them out if you're wanting to learn different techniques.

I also copied the link that Sylvia and Deni suggested and thought I would share it here.

This is a photo of the kind of basket I would like to make someday! These are not for a beginner I'm sure!

Aren't they pretty?

Here's a very helpful article about basket weaving. The ones I'm interested in are coiled baskets. They seem to be the easiest to make? Woven baskets are nice too.

Here is a basket I found at a yard sale. It is made of tree bark. I used to have tons of baskets in my home, but I found that they are real dust collectors so I got rid of all but my favorites.

I love the simplicity of this basket. Also that it was made from found materials. I'm sure it is quite old. I like that too!

I just found a basket weaver's blog this morning. Nancy Jacobs at Basketmaster's Weaving shares tons of information, videos and photos.

Being the dreamer and NOT the doer here, I just thought I would share these links in case anyone else is thinking about making some baskets. I hope you find them helpful!


Tuesday, September 29

Basket Weaving??

I found some really pretty variegated blue cording that I want to use to make a little basket.
I also have some raffia. I need a simple pattern and instructions. I've never made a basket before.

I like this photo at because it looks simple? I have experience with Leslie Shepherd's tutorials and so far I'm not too impressed. Maybe someone else has an idea?

This is the second part of Leslie's tutorial. Not so simple.

If anyone has made a beginner's basket, please let me know how you did it. I just want something simple that I can use to hold logs next to my fireplace. Nothing fancy. Easy?

I've heard that basket weaving is one of those skills we were supposed to learn somewhere along the way. Guess I missed that class. Come on Casey, help me out here!

Sweet Dreams!

Monday, September 28

Miniature Golf

Now that my #1 son has received his birthday present, I can finally show you what I've been working on for the past week or so!

I made the golf bag from the lining of an old purse. The art is done with colored pencils. The shoes, golf clubs and golf balls are polymer clay. I carved toothpicks to make the tees. There are one dozen "Tiniest" golf balls in the box!

I had so much fun designing and making all of these little things! My son is a really good golfer. That's a good thing because it would be really hard to find these golf balls in the rough!

Happy Birthday Brian! Hope you have fun playing "miniature golf!"


Sunday, September 27

Time To Clean Up?

Casey has been cleaning and organizing, maybe I need to do that too? I don't even know where to start!

I suppose if I straightened up my desk first, that would help?

I know exactly where my needle threader and pencil sharpener are, really I do!

I bought some blue plastic storage boxes. Do you think five will be enough?

There is a closet in here. I just can't get to it!

I do have some bookshelves. But they are full.

Here's the kitchen. I know there is a toaster back there somewhere...

I'm sure everyone has saws and paint cans in their kitchen, right?

Maybe some of this stuff can go in the blue boxes?

The floor in my office/craft room needs help too. You've got to be careful where you walk. I can't even get my vacuum cleaner through the mess.

I'm always tripping over something. Including my dogs. They love to "help me" in here!

There's also stuff piled on the ironing board. I can only iron very small things!

It's so hard to think about cleaning when it's such a beautiful day.

There's a dollhouse on my dining room table that's calling me too...

Hope you enjoy your day!

Saturday, September 26

Beach Cottage Blues

My friend, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, posted some gorgeous beach cottage photos today!
Be sure to click on over to see why I'm so excited!

I've been looking for a remodeling idea for my dollhouse and here it is! See that roof top deck? Love that!

I can just see myself sitting up there enjoying this view!

The cottage below is painted "my" color!

Here's my dollhouse. I'm going to be working on the exterior this weekend. I still have lots of painting to do and might just add a roof top deck!?

This was my house in Florida. I loved this little bungalow!

As you can see, blue is my favorite color! What's your favorite? Where do you find your inspiration? I find mine at the beach! :)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend. My son's birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait to show you what I made for him!


Thursday, September 24

Verwy Verwy Tired

I'm so tired this evening. I just finished a little project that has taken me about a week or so to complete. Now that it's done and in the mail, I feel very worn out for some reason?

Perhaps all of that planning, concentration, and eye strain has taken its toll. Right now I can't even imagine starting something else!

Maybe a good night's sleep and a few days rest will bring back the energy I need? It's amazing how exhausting miniature making can be, but it's a good feeling having created something special for someone. I did take some photos that I'll share later...


See you soon! Night night!

Wednesday, September 23


I want to welcome all of my new followers! My followers were missing for a couple of days but now I see you're back! Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!

Many Beautiful Blessings to All!

Trying to Change the Font?

I added a gadget from Scrappin Blogs to try to change my font here. For some reason, not all of the fonts have been changed?

The blog is a mess right now but bear with me! I'll figure it out soon? I hope!

Any assistance you may have would be greatly appreciated! Claudia, where are you?!

Photo from White Dog Enterprises

Hope you have a very nice evening!
Blessings, Kathi


Needle Sized Art

Click on the photo to watch this amazing video!

Monday, September 21

Photo Storage?

I'm looking for a site to store my photos.  I've found several that look interesting.  What do you use?

I'd like to be able to not only store my photos, but edit them and make collages.

My fat cat, Henry cat.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have!  I switched to the new posting editor this morning too.  Not sure I like the new look?  Guess I'll have to fool with it awhile...

Hope you have a beautiful day!
Blessings,  Kathi

Sunday, September 20

Fuzzy Dog?

This is my attempt at making a fuzzy dog for my dollhouse. As you can see, I'm not too good at this! I followed the tutorial I found by Marlene over at Somerset House.

It looks easy enough? You try it!

Here's what the dog is supposed to look like! Marlene, you are a genius!

Guess I'll go finish the laundry....

Why Not Just Start With Something Easy?

I got out my Polymer Clay today for the first time. I had the intention of trying to make some plates.

Instead I found a tutorial on how to make little shoes. Since I'm just a beginner, I really should have stuck with something easy! This was NOT easy!

After a few little tweaks, they will ready to go in the oven.

I really will get my laundry done today and clear out that dollhouse! Really, I will.

I even bought some bug spray so I can go outside to the laundry room and not be eaten alive. If you live in the southern USA you know what I mean!

See you soon!

What Glue Do You Use?

I've spent a lot of time waiting for glue to dry here!

Right now I'm trying to glue the legs on a little artist "adjustable" stool.

The legs sit like a triangle. Kind of like my telescope...

Tacky Glue is great for some things but it doesn't set fast enough. Anyone have any suggestions on a different glue that would be faster? It is difficult to sit here and hold three things together at the same time!

I actually cleaned up my kitchen this morning! I can see counter space again!

Next, it's on to the dining room where I have my dollhouse. I'm going to have to empty the house so I can get back to the restoration. It will be hard putting all of my mini things away for a while!

Here's the mini mess I've got to deal with!

Hope you have a nice Sunday and thanks for any help you have to offer!
Blessings, Kathi

Saturday, September 19

Artist at Work

I've been working on my little art projects today. I got so involved in what I was doing that I forgot to eat! Good way to stay slim, I guess?

Anyway, I just had a bagel and a glass of orange juice so I'm good to go for a while!

I've added some detail to my watercolors with colored pencils.

Now I'm making mats and frames for them. Balsa wood seems to be the easiest to cut so I'll probably used that. Not sure if I'll stain or paint the frames?

Before I put them together, I need to seal them. I found out how to do that at David Castle Art. David uses Krylon clear gloss spray. David shares not only his art, but his tips and techniques too.

I also love The Painted Garden. Erin does the most beautiful and colorful paintings! I love her blog and her cute dog, Bentley, who assists her in finding her inspiration.

Erin shows how she makes her paintings, from her sketch to the finished painting. This little scarecrow is featured on her blog today. I made a mini one just by following her instructions. Then I made an easel, painter's palette and teeny tiny little paint brushes for the artist at work! Thanks Erin for your inspiration!

Hope you enjoy your day!
Blessings, Kathi

Friday, September 18

Staying Focused

I decided this morning to change the look of my blog header. I want to remember what my dollhouse looked like when I got it!

There is still so much to do! I've been having so much fun making miniatures that I haven't been working on the house itself very much.

I have done some painting...

Removed wallpaper and carpet...

Cleaned up the inside...

And made a new roof...

Now it's time to get back to the basics. I'll be posting photos of my work in progress. This is an attempt to keep me focused. I want to have a pretty house to put all of my little miniatures in!

Just as soon as I finish THIS little project, I promise I'll get back to working on the house!

Thank you for all of your comments and for following along! Hope you have a beautiful day!
Blessings, Kathi