Sunday, October 30

Projects on the Desk

I love Home Depot. If you look around you can find FREE mini supplies. :D

Like this vinyl flooring sample that I'm using for the kitchen counter top. It's nice and shiny and you can cut it with scissors!

I like this color too. Looks like granite or marble. Remember, this was FREE! :D

This is just one of the projects on my desk. There are more...

Again, I'm using a piece of exposed xray film. I used it before to make Mike's swimming pool.

The film turns blue if exposed to light. I didn't do that on purpose, promise. I found it in the trash.

I started working on a blue "glass tile" backsplash for the kitchen. This is going to take a long time!

Perhaps I should work on one project at a time? Maybe I should clean my desk too?

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, October 29

Changes in the Kitchen

Grandma requested more counter space, a deeper sink AND a dishwasher!
I'm trying to make her happy...

This means there will be changes in the kitchen. I still plan to use the pantry shelves. They will just need some trimming to fit above the dishwasher.

Here is a little a plate cabinet I've started. I'm using part of a Michael's hutch. The idea is from Carole at Let's Build A Dollhouse.

Today I need to level the counter, install the sink and faucets and add the door to the dishwasher. I still haven't figured out how to do the doors below the sink...

What are your plans for today? I hope you have fun making minis!

Thursday, October 27

Playing with Blocks

I've made some progress in the kitchen. I decided to leave the corner pantry open. There is still work to do here, but I like how it looks so far...

I've been playing with some blocks I bought at my favorite thrift store. I have a huge collection of wooden blocks. I like the smooth finish on these.

I placed some of them over the stove to see if I could make a range hood? The corbels are from Houseworks.

I'm not sure if I'll use this? I've got an idea for a tile backsplash too. I'll show you that later...

Hope you have a nice day!

Tuesday, October 25

Free Groceries!

If you haven't visited Sherree's Grocery, you need to go! Sherree's Printables offers hundreds of FREE printies for your dollhouse.

I have a lot of shelves to fill in the pantry. I just made a couple of things today.

You will need to resize Sherree's images after you copy them. I just used a real cake mix to get started and Jim's Dollhouse Calculator.

After that, you just print, spray with clear fixative, cut, fold and glue them together. I used a glue stick and that seems to be working just fine.

Looks like I'll be busy making groceries for a while. Here is a link to another post where you can find links to other printable sites.

Thanks Sherree! Hope you all have a nice evening!

Monday, October 24

Back to Work

I've decided to get back to work on the kitchen. I still have a band-aid on my finger but it's healed enough to cut wood again. This time I am being more careful!

I added beadboard and a shelf to the side of the fridge cabinet. The wallpaper is installed inside the pantry. This morning I cut the shelves. I'll need to paint them next.

I also want to show you the cute things I got from Casey. She sent me some tiny people and five of her beautiful little kitchen towels! Thank you so much Casey. :D

Hope you have a good day. Thanks for following my mini projects - the good and the bad!

Sunday, October 23

Enough is Enough!

Grandma has had a rough weekend. Her surgery went well, but things got really bad for her after that...

Yesterday she had an awful experience at the beauty salon. She is mortified. I told her I will take her to someone new tomorrow. Maybe they can fix this mess?

Then today, I made her stand on her new leg while I tried to fit the dress I had promised her. She just now threw her arms in the air and said, "My leg hurts, my hair is a disaster and I've had it! Enough is enough!"

Poor Grandma. I do hope she will forgive me?

Friday, October 21


Casey suggested that I visit Cynthia Howe Miniatures and check out her free tutorials. I found the perfect one that explains how a doll is assembled.

Grandma is now in surgery.

All I need to do is find my hot glue gun. I haven't used it for anything in a long time! I know it is around here somewhere...

Perhaps I should call in Anesthesia also? Grandma looks a bit frightened!

Thursday, October 20

Grandma Got A Haircut!

Grandma (and I) decided that we really didn't like that big bun on the back of her head. It kept getting in the way if she wanted to wear a hat. Or even try on new clothes...

So I gave her a haircut.

I'm still fighting with the old bun to give up more hair that I can reuse. I do have some mohair with some grey in it. Hopefully, I can give Grandma a new hairstyle that will be flattering and more "Grandma-like."

All of the little old ladies I have known have had a perm. They also went to the beauty parlor once a week for a wash and set. Did your Grandma do that?

Poor Grandma has a broken left leg too. I thought she looked a little "weak in the knees" in her last photo. I'm not sure how to fix that?

I promised her a new dress for enduring the scissors. So far, she has only shed a few tears...

I hope she doesn't get mad!

Photo from Causes of Hair Loss in Women over 50

Wednesday, October 19

Playing It Safe

I'm playing it safe today. No knives. Just scissors and glue.

I'm not even going to turn on the iron. I'm leaving that up to Grandma.

Hope you have nice evening!

Tuesday, October 18

The Hazards Of Building A Pantry

OUCH! I just sliced the end of my finger!!!
Not off, but almost!


I'm okay. Really. Just mad at myself for not being more careful. Maybe if I wasn't trying to cut little pieces of wood on the floor that might help?

I found a cool website that gives the dimensions for standard pantry shelves. It also shows the measurements of different food items the might be stored in a pantry, including their height. Very helpful!

I had hoped to get the shelves cut for the pantry this evening and have something better to show for my work.

Here's a fiasco from yesterday. I printed a flamingo transparency to make the pantry door. I forgot to seal it evidently. Take one. Try again!

Hope you had a better day! I'm going to go eat ice cream and kiss my wounds.

Monday, October 17

Flock of Flamingos!

What do you do with a flock of flamingos? I guess you could plant them in someone's yard?

I painted one instead and made a flamingo paper towel holder. Here he is in the kitchen.

I made the butcher block with some of the decking I had left over from Mike's mini house. I used a colored pencil to make some of the wood darker. Then I stained the whole thing with MinWax maple stain. So easy!

Now... what to do with all of those other flamingos? I don't know, but they sure are cute!

Back to the real world for me today. I hope to finish the pantry later?

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Sunday, October 16

Pie Pan Hinges?

Here is an idea I had when I got up from my Sunday afternoon nap.

I don't know if this will work, but it's making me hungry for a piece of pie!

Two Steps Forward

Silly me. Thinking I could build a kitchen sink cabinet and finish a pantry in one day. I did get some things accomplished. My laundry is done! :D

It took me all day yesterday just to measure and cut the wood for the sink cabinet.

Now I have to figure out how to make the doors. I'm sure there will be have to be hinges. I hate hinges.

The inside of the pantry was green. That is, until I found this pretty blue coral wallpaper online. I'll need to add the wallpaper before I add the shelves. Two steps forward one step back...

Right now the kitchen is pale apple green, light blue and white. I am going to jazz it up with colorful accessories. Like these pretty plates I found on Ebay.

I have lots of flamingo accessories, fabric and ideas. How about a flamingo paper towel holder?

I'd better get back to work before I get distracted and think of something else to do! Hope you have a happy day!

Saturday, October 15

Today's Projects

Today I will be working on two projects for the beach house kitchen. The first will be to build a base cabinet for the sink. The original cabinet won't fit under the window.

My dear Dremel base is in the charger right now. I'll use it to round out the opening for the sink. I haven't decided what kind of counter tops I want? This is 1/8" basswood.

I cut the pieces for the corner pantry yesterday. After measuring and measuring and plotting and planning, I found this website that gives the dimensions for a REAL corner pantry. I could have saved tons of time if I had found it first!

I painted the inside of the pantry with Folk Art Soft Apple green. The shelves inside will be white and the outside white beadboard.

I'm still thinking about the pantry door. I like the screen door in Jane's inspiration kitchen, but I may make a glass door instead?

I would like to try using glass etching cream but am not sure it would work on plexiglass? Has anyone tried that?

These things should keep me busy today. I wonder if any laundry or house cleaning will get done?

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 14

Pretty Little Gifts from Faby!

Look at the pretty little things I received from Fabiola!

They were a "thank you" gift in exchange for some glasses I sent to her.

Thank you Faby! You really didn't need to send me a gift, but I am so pleased that you did!

I love each and everything thing! You are SO sweet!

Wednesday, October 12

Kitchen Inspiration

My inspiration for the beach house kitchen floor is this beautiful design from Villa Lagoon Tile, in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

They make the most wonderful REAL cement tile. This one is my favorite!

I think the colors are perfect! If you look closely you will see a pretty shell border. I plan to cut the prints and make the floor for my kitchen.

I also want to thank Jane Coslick for sharing her Tybee Island Cottages. Jane has the most wonderful eye for style and design!

I love the corner pantry in her Amazing Grace Cottage! I'm going to try to make one for my little kitchen. :D

As you can see I have a LOT of work to do!

Thank you Jane and Lundy for your fabulous ideas!