Sunday, August 25

Too Much!

Yesterday was just too much. It started with me splashing paint all over myself and my kitchen and went downhill from there...

I tried to put my mirror back into the frame but it wouldn't fit. I trimmed the back a bit but now the screws don't line up. I may have to try to drill new holes or use mirror mastic and hope and pray it won't fall!?

After failing at this project, I went outside. I mowed the back yard and then decided to fix the fence out front. I need to cut just one branch that is in the way. I got my pruning saw out. Then I realized the blade was stuck inside the handle. So I took it apart.  Now I can't figure out how to put it back together!

When I took the mirror off my newly painted dining room table I saw that I had somehow gouged the paint. I thought I had been careful not to do that. Now I will have to repaint the table top!

I decided on the fabric for the dining room chairs. I am recovering the original seats. I'm glad I bought two yards of this fabric so I can match the pattern on the chairs.

So far, I have removed the old fabric from one chair. There are about 50 staples holding the fabric in each one! I purchased an upholster's staple/tack remover. It really helps, but it's going to take a LONG time to do four chairs!

It seems like everything I touched yesterday ended up being frustrating! Hopefully, today will be a better day. Perhaps now you can see why I never seem to finish anything?!

Saturday, August 24

Note to Self . . .

If you are going to shake a can of paint in the kitchen, be sure the lid is on tight!  

I had to roll off my pajamas, wipe off my hair, face and neck, shower and then start cleaning up the floor and counter top!

If this is the way my day started,  I can't wait to see what happens next!

It may be time for a morning nap?

Thursday, August 22

Thrift Store Finds and Projects in Progress

My entire house is a project right now!  Here are some things that I found lately at "my" thrift store. This framed art was only $4.99.  :D

Love this $7.00 blue chair! I'm going to use it as a desk chair in the craft room. Very cool. What you see behind it are my many projects in progress!

I also found this pretty ceramic pedestal bowl. I've been looking for one for a long time. This one was only $3 and the perfect colors!

I attached a silk orchid to my real orchid plant that hasn't bloomed (or died) since I bought it about 4 years ago. I love the little flamingo too.

I just need to attach the frame to my mirror and it will be ready to hang behind the white sofa that I got at the same thrift store! Have I mentioned that I love Mission Possible?  :D

Hope you have a great day. I can't wait for the weekend so I can get back to work!  :D

Tuesday, August 20

A New Friend

Hello everyone!

I've been missing in action for over a month now...  Has it really been that long?!

I have working on my projects, trying to deal with my son's pending divorce, my own milestone birthday and getting to know our new four legged friend!

This is "Trinity." I wasn't looking for another dog. I really didn't want another dog. This one was wandering around the parking deck at work. Filthy, covered with ticks and fleas, timid and starving. She had a collar but no tags. I don't know where she had been, but I was sure she didn't want to go back there!

I coaxed her into my car, took her to my wonderful vet's office and then home later that day. I can't believe how sweet, well behaved and loving she is! I named her "Trinity" because that is where I found her, at the Trinity Medical Center parking garage.

After her vet check and bath she looks like a completely different dog! She does have heart worms but is not strong enough yet to be treated. Most of her teeth are missing. Doc said it was from trying to get out of a pen. He believes that she was never an inside dog. She has never known the comfort and love of a real home.

Dylan and Nugget seem to like her too. There has not been one nasty word between them. It is almost as if they knew she needed us. She is good in the house with supervision. She sleeps in her crate at night and when I am at work. The rest of the time she sits right beside me with her head on my lap. :D

Once I finish one of my seventeen projects I will post some photos. I'm still working on my dining room right now.

Hope you have a good day! Thanks for hanging around while I've been away!