Wednesday, August 31

My Day As It Was

I received my order from Micro-Mark. I bought some fine turf by Woodland Scenics. Now I have enough "grass" to make a golf course! I just needed a tiny bit for the mini modern landscaping.

I also bought a small square and chopper. The chopper works great for picture frames. Now I can get back to work cutting the trim for the garage. No more excuses that my Easy Cutter broke! The 1/16" decking will be perfect for the 1:144 modern house. I'll probably use some of it for the Spanish house too.

I had my first MRI this morning. THAT was an experience! I have TMJ joint pain off and on. Doc wanted to see what's really going on in my jaw. Hence, the MRI.

This is not me, but this is what it looked like before they slid me into the scanner. It wasn't bad, just a little claustrophobic, long and LOUD!

Then they stuck this "huge" mouth bite thingy into my little mouth and scanned some more. "Ouch." I'm glad it's overwith and hope I don't have to eat soup for the rest of my life. LOL

I want to WELCOME all of my new followers! 427 now!!! If we get to 450, I'll have another give-a-way! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and leaves me such nice comments. I really appreciate you!

Hope you have a nice evening! I'm going to go find something soft to eat. Ice cream maybe?

Tuesday, August 30

Gifts From Kim!

I received all of these precious little things from Kim at Flowers & Art yesterday! She made these for me as part of her Pay It Forward Swap. Please click on the photo to enlarge it so you can see the beautiful details!

There are two seahorse candlesticks and three sea shells on stands to display. The finish on these is absolutely gorgeous! Then there is a beautiful orchid that is planted in a real sea shell! I just LOVE this little blue crab! :D

Kim also included this pretty suncatcher. I put it in my kitchen window right away. This really represents the title of Kim's blog, "Flowers and Art!" Isn't it pretty?!

Thank you SO much Kim! You are such a sweetheart! I LOVE each and every thing!

Monday, August 29

Quarter Scale Spanish House

Here is my design plan for the 1/4 scale Spanish Revival House. Lots of photos and lots of ideas! I'm thinking now that I will build it with 1/16" basswood.

I have the wood I need. I just need to figure out how to cut it. Sure wish I had that Micro-Mark table saw I've been wanting...

I've never built a quarter scale house before. I'm not even sure where to start!?

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, August 28

Waiting on the Deck

I installed the light in the pool. Now I'm waiting on the decking I ordered from Micro-Mark.

Then I'll do a some landscaping and my mini-modern house will be complete. :D

Friday, August 26

Does It Make Me Look Fat?

Minnie tried on bathing suits all day yesterday. She missed her appointment at the hair salon so she bought a new hat.

The first thing she asked Mike was, "Does my bathing suit make me look fat?"

Mike knew just what to say... He's really smart for such a little guy. :D

Thursday, August 25

How About a Little Day at the Beach?

This is where I wish I was right now! The only thing missing is a Mojito and Mike, of course.

Minnie is getting a make-over. She has a sun tan now and just needs a new bathing suit. :D

Hope you have a happy day!

Wednesday, August 24

Teeny Tiny Palm Trees

I need six tiny palm trees to landscape my little modern house. Here's one of them in progress.

Teeny tiny = tedious, but fun!

Tuesday, August 23

Swimming Pool

Now that the house is finished, I'm working on the swimming pool. I decided to add a light in the pool so Mike and Minnie can go for a swim at night.

I LOVE swimming at night. It is so relaxing! This is just one inspiration photo I found here.

Looks so inviting, doesn't it? Wish I could go for a swim right now but I have to go to work.

Hope you enjoy your day!

Sunday, August 21

Little Crooked House

I could see this coming. It's part of the reason I haven't finished Mike's little modern house. It's crooked. Mike doesn't seem to mind. But I do.

Even though I measure and square and measure again something always seems to get out of whack.

I get one side right and the glue pops on the other side! Do you think the chimney is too tall?

I'm thinking about buying some 1/16" wood decking from Micro-Mark for around the pool. I can also use it in the little Spanish house. Micro-Mark is having a HUGE sale until the end of August. I'll be getting a few more things that have been on my wish list too. :D

I stopped working on Grandma's sewing room when I couldn't figure out how to finish her sewing table. I'm sure you never quit something just because it isn't working out, do you?

It's always more fun to start something new than finish something that's difficult! Shopping sounds like fun right now too. Then I'll get back to Mike's house. It is almost finished!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

Saturday, August 20

Quarter Scale Spanish House

I started putting the plan for my Spanish house on paper. I'm using the quarter scale furniture that Casey sent me and Jim's Dollhouse scale calculator to get the dimensions right.

The living room will be 14 feet by 14 feet with 10 foot ceilings. I found this great website for Spanish Revival Tile. Here is one of their fireplaces. Amazing!

The bathroom needs to be expanded a little to fit the six foot tub. The smaller of the two bedrooms will be 11 x 12 feet.

This is just the front elevation. I still need to do the sides. I'll leave the house open in the back. There will be a tower on the left side and a Spanish tile roof.

When finished, the house will be 6 1/2" x 6" x 6 1/2" tall. That is, if my calculations are correct!?

Hope you have a great day!

Friday, August 19

Google Map of the Real Spanish House!

I searched the address of the real spanish house and found some photos of it! If you click here you should be able to see it? If you look closely in the distance you'll see my little blue bungalow too. :D

I hope this works? Now I can see what the house really looks like. I'm thinking that I'll try to make it in 1/4 scale so I can use some of the furniture that Casey sent me!

Hope you are having a good day! Happy mini making!

Thursday, August 18

The House Next Door

I know I told Mike that I would not start another project until I finished his house. I just couldn't get my little Spanish Revival House out of my mind.

I wanted walls that were thicker than cardstock and easier to cut than wood. I decided to try this styrofoam plate. I'm saving the environment from yet another plate being tossed into the trash too!

I mixed up a pot of lightweight spackle, clear tacky glue and adobe wash paint. I wasn't sure that the spackle alone would stick to the foam. Adding the paint to the mix saves a step too.

I roughly cut out some of the walls then applied the stucco with a brush. I need to become better acquainted with my Exacto knife. I cut these with small scissors.

It looks like the styrofoam will hold its shape just fine. I like the color and the way the "stucco" looks.

This is enough for tonight. I need to find more plates. I got this one at work. Seems I'm always finding things at work to use for mini-making!

Sweet dreams!


Mike showed up at the job site this morning. He pleaded with me to finish his house before I start anything else.

So it's back to work here. We still have a lot to do!

Tuesday, August 16

The Problem With Paper and Pencils

As I was driving home for lunch today I remembered the Spanish Revival house that was across the street from mine in Florida. It was old, vacant and very run down. So was mine when I bought it.

I loved that old house and wished that I had the time and means to buy it and fix it up. I did meet the owner one day. His grandfather had built the house in 1920. The same year my house was built.

One day, Jimmy was puttering around in the little garage out back. I walked over and we chatted for a while. "It's not for sale," he said. Evidently there were family problems the he had to work out before he could put the house on the market.

He did take me inside. I was astonished that nothing had been changed, updated or removed from house except the furniture. Water had done its damage as well as termites. I still thought it was beautiful! Those things didn't stop me from buying my house!

As we walked around I fell more and more in love with the place. The fireplace was amazing. There were original arched windows and hardwood floors. The interior walls were roughly plastered. The ceilings were about 10 feet tall and had dark oak beams.

In one of the bedrooms upstairs there was a walkout balcony with a wrought iron railing. Pure charm! The original Spanish tile was in the bathroom too.

All of this is to say that now I have a problem! I got out my paper and pencils and sketched out a little house that reminds me of the one next door.

My memories are cloudy and sadly I don't think I took photos of the house. I just remember it fondly and would like to try make a mini one.

I know, Grandma is waiting for her sewing room. Mini Mike is waiting for his new modern house to be finished. Grandpa is hollering about all of the clutter in the Adelaide Beachy.

Do you dream about houses that you might build one day? If you put pencil to paper does that me you are committed to start another project?

I'm going to sleep on it. No time for minis tonight now anyway....

Making A Dollhouse For Your Dollhouse

Creating Dollhouse Miniatures just posted a video on how to make a dollhouse for your dollhouse! I just had to share this! Thank you Joanne!

I love making these little houses! You should try it too!

Monday, August 15

Teeny Tiny Art

I've been looking for some tiny art for my mini modern house. Sorry for the blurry photos. These are pieces of some 1/4" ribbon I have.

These two I did this morning. I used colored pencils, copper wire and a darling little parrot I found on Ebay. He is 3/8" tall.

I'm not sure I will use any of these? Just sharing some ideas here...

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 14

Progress on the Little Modern House

I've been working on my mini modern house for two weeks now. Here are some photos I took today. The roof will have a large skylight. One exterior wall will be "glass."

I grabbed a diet 7 Up while I was out yesterday. Green plastic! Perfect for more furniture for the living room! If you poke the photos they should pop up larger.

Please ignore all of the things that have fallen into the pool. I just needed a place to put things. These tiny things have a way of disappearing! Here is the dining room.

I made the table out of a small piece of sea glass with a clear acrylic top. The hardest thing to make was this tiny chandelier. I wanted a drum shade. This one is a little less than 1/4" in diameter.

The house will be open on both ends. Fresh air and sea breezes are so good for you!

I want to make some plants and find some modern art for the walls. Then I'll glue everything down. I can't tell you how many times I've lost this tiny furniture!

Hope you all had a great weekend? Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

Saturday, August 13

Birthday Cake

My birthday cake from the girls at the office was delicious!

I'm keeping the box. Look at all of the lovely clear plastic! I just can't throw that away! LOL

I'm off to the flea market with my friend Judy. Then dinner and a movie with my daughter and son-in-law. We're going to see "The Help." Has anyone seen it yet?

Hope you have a happy day!

Friday, August 12

Two Tiny Chairs

I made two tiny modern chairs and a coffee table this morning. I used exposed xray film and a flower punch.

You could use clear plastic, but I like the blue. :D

Thursday, August 11

Mini Modern Bedroom

I've been working on the bedroom furniture for my mini modern house.

I still have more detail to add to the bedside tables. I made a headboard but it was too BIG.

I love the fabric I found in my stash for the bedspread. It was part of a small quilted pillow top that I made a long time ago. I really didn't mind cutting it up. :D

Hope you have a nice day!